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Warehouse Management

Pallet management solution from CXJ allows user not only to perform pallet tracking, including sorting, drop-off and pick-up, but also to entrust "intelligent" pallets to carry data on their products installed with UHF RFID Tags.

Pallet Tag
Fixed RFID Reader
Handheld RFID Reader
RFID Software

Integrate standards based best of class components to meet increasing logistics requirements
Optimized for manufacture and supply chain management
Leverage both RFID and barcode technologies
Reduce labor intensiveness and time
Provide Real-time visibility into pallet movement
secure and accurate identification and tracking of pallets
Robust RFID metal tags delivers consistent performance in harsh environment of metals

Improved operational efficiency
Reduce labor intensiveness
Real time visibility into pallet movement
Flexible: Seamless  integration  with  existing  supply  chain  systems  and  enterprise  applications  with  minimum efforts.
Extensible: Compatible with all commonly used RFID hardware (readers tags printers etc) and EPC standards.
Scalable: Component based architecture ensures that all deployed components are reusable and the solution can scale-up as the application requirements grow