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Cartier Jewelry RFID Tag


Adding to that, losses of jewelry items through theft and misplacements cost jewelry companies thousands and more a year. At the time of this writing, rising precious metal prices have further placed pressures on jewelry business owners to find new ways to manage mounting costs. Little wonder why most jewelry business owners enquiring about implementing RFID, asked how the technology would helped them improve the security situation with their precious metal wares.

RFID technology offers unique possibilities to the challenges facing the jewelry industry. Being capable of handling simultaneous multi-scan capabilities means jewelers will not be manually accounting for each jewelry item one piece at a time. With RFID in place, jewelry can scan, detect batches of jewelry items all at once. The convenience the technology offers also implies the feasibility of running near real-time monitoring of jewelry goods everyday of the week, thereby heightening security throughout.

RFID coupled with powerful jewelry software solutions, promises to slash operating costs of jewelry business through canceling "waste" from theft and loss. Furthermore a well designed RFID jewelry solution opens new opportunities into gathering customer trending for a jewelry retail business. With such real time data, the jewelry business owner can "adjustments" to his retail space and be rewarded with improved sales.

A jewelry company faces a tremendous task of maintaining, and accounting for tens of thousands of jewelry items in a single store.

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Heighten Security.
Jewelry Business Intelligence.
Handheld RFID Jewelry Solution
Using the handheld RFID Jewelry Solution, a jewelry inventory PDA application loaded will be used together with a RFID CF Reader. Alternatively, a specially customized antenna (as shown in the picture below) is used. When the PDA RFID or Handheld RFID is in proximity (waved) to the tagged jewellery items, the information of the jewellery pieces inside the display is automatically detected. Unlike barcode technology, RFID does not require "line of sight" thus close proximity is sufficient to activate detection.

Good news
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