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nfc paper tags for nfc devices

nfc paper tags for nfc devices

  • Commonly used chip:
  • NXP Ntag 213/215/2216
  • Commonly specifications:
  • 35mm*35mm, 25mm diameter, 30mm diameter, 85*54mm
  • The company brand:
  • CXJ
nfc paper tags for nfc devices
nfc paper tags for nfc devices
1. Specification
1: Chip Type: NXP Ntag 213/215/2216
2: Memory: 168 bytes and user memory will 144 bytes
3: Technology: NFC Type 2 and ISO 14443A protocol
4: Frequency: 13.56 mhz
5: Read/Write: the writing endurance will 100 000 times
6: Data Transmission: 106k bit/s
2. Profile 
Surface: PVC /PET /Paper
Size: 25mm diameter, 35*35mm, 43*26mm, 50*50mm, 86*54mm or as requested
Thickness: 0.2~0.5mm 
3. Working Environment
Working Life: 5~10 years and depend on using enviroment
Store Temperature: -25°C~50°C 
Humidity: 20% ~90%RH
Working Temperature: -40°C~65°C
4. Application
Door control access, identify information, data transfer, e-tickets, e-wallet
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