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Round NFC Tag Ntag 213 with 3M Adhesive BackingRound NFC Tag Ntag 213 with 3M Adhesive Backing

Round NFC Tag Ntag 213 with 3M Adhesive Backing

  • Commonly used chip:
  • NXP Ntag 213, NXP Ultralight, NXP Ultralight-C, Topaz 512
  • Common specifications:
  • 25mm diameter, 35*35mm, 50*50mm, 27*42mm, 85*54mm and as requested
  • Minimum order quantity:
  • 500 pieces
Round NFC Tag Ntag 213 with 3M Adhesive Backing

1. Specification of nfc tag

1: Chip Type: NXP Ntag213, NXP Ultralight, Topaz 512, NXP Ultralight-C

2: Memory:  168byte, 512 bits, 512 byte ,192 byte 

3: Technology: NFC Type 1& 2 and ISO 14443A protocol 

4: Frequency:  13.56 mhz 

5: Read/Write:  the writing endurance will 100000 times

6: Date Transmission: 106 k bit/s 


2. Profile of nfc tag 

 Surface: PVC /PET/Paper
 Size: 25mm Dia, 35*35mm, 43*26mm, 50*50mm, 86*54mm, or as request
 Thickness: 0.2~0.5 mm


3. Working Environment

Working life: 5 ~10 years and depend on using environment  
Store temperature: -25
Humidity  20% ~ 90%RH
Working temperature: -40
~ 65


4. Application 

For use in NFC forum tag, smart-poster / connection handover /one-touch set-up, smart nfc enable mobile phone, e-wallet, e-ticket, etc.


An NFC tag is a small passive (no battery) device which contains a tiny microchip attached to a small loop antenna. When the tag is scanned by an NFC reader such as a mobile phone, it powers up and wirelessly transfers information such as a web address, text or a command for an App. The NFC tag can be locked so that the data on the tag cannot be changed or left unlocked so the data can be changed again and again. NFC tags are typically printed stickers or plain stickers, but they can be also enclosed in NFC products such as keyfobs, wristbands, hang tags and many other items.


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