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Apple conducts iPhone's NFC open testing: which can brush bus

Dual SIM card and feasibility of NFC are two functions Domestic iPhone users most look forward to. Apparently, apple noted that. For the first feature...

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia RFID Tag Co., Ltd becomes High-tech Enterprises

Congratulations to Shenzhen Chuangxinjia RFID Tag Co., Ltd. becomes "National High-tech Enterprises" and "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprises". National hi...

NFC time is coming in 2017, are you ready?

With the start of the science and technology, mobile side gradually replaced the PC side, we rely more on mobile phones to end the usual work, life an...

The global RFID market is showing a steep track of growth

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), the global radio frequency identification system (RFID) market is growing rapidly, with a ...

custom printed pvc door hangers

Our plastic door hangers are made of high quality plastic. Can be used for hotel, restaurant, KTV, etc. If you're a service business in a community, d...

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co., Ltd. Nine year celebration party

Nine years has passed in a snap. Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Technology Co., Ltd ushered 9 year anniversary.For nine years, every Chuangxinjia staff fightin...

RFID Blocking Card from Chuangxinjia China

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co.,Ltd (GreatCreativity) provides different kinds of RFID products and solutions for customers around the world. Wit...
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    Established in 2005, Chuangxinjia has witnessed the technological innovation from rfid card to rfid tag, the overall change of market products in the ...
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    Development history of chuangxinjia Chuangxinjia founded in the early is a small PVC card manufacture factory, Didn't have our own market. Factory ord...
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    Morning meeting culture Chuangxinjia morning meeting culture is always be a symbol of our corporate culture, the morning meeting would show us the abi...
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    The event enriched the staff's life, and enhanced communication between departments and collaboration, so that this family is more innovative harmony,...
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    Knowledge sharing & Progress together From the moment on the stage, Chairman Wu had enjoyed the career: share his entrepreneurial experience with the ...
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    Chairman Wu contribute to the construction of his hometown, in order to be able to build a better home, and let children in the village can have a bet...
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    Glories witness strength, and strength witnesses magnificence.
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    Why Choose UsShenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co., Ltd. Website: Long History & High Reputation Founded in 1999, Shenzhe...
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    Company Name: Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co., Ltd. Website: Email: or Te...

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