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Stretchy Plastic Waterproof Mifare Ultralight HF RFID WristbandStretchy Plastic Waterproof Mifare Ultralight HF RFID WristbandStretchy Plastic Waterproof Mifare Ultralight HF RFID WristbandStretchy Plastic Waterproof Mifare Ultralight HF RFID Wristband

Stretchy Plastic Waterproof Mifare Ultralight HF RFID Wristband

  • mifare ultralight hf rfid wristband,waterproof hf rfid wristband
  • 1.hf rfid wristband
  • 2.material: plastic
  • 3.size: dia.65mm or 45mm
  • 4.chip: mifare ultralight
  • 5.SGS, RoHS certificate
Product Description for hf rfid wristband

stretchy plastic waterproof mifare ultralight hf rfid wristband                

stretchy plastic waterproof mifare ultralight hf rfid wristband specifications: 

* Size: dia.65mm or 45mm        

* Chip: mifare ultralight  

* Memory: 512 bits       

* Data retention: 10 years

* Number of single write operations: 100,000

* Printing: logo printed 

* Material: plastic  

* Feature: waterproof, adjustable size  

* Application: event 

* Free stretchy plastic waterproof mifare ultralight hf rfid wristband samples are available

Packaging & Shipping for hf rfid wristband

1. 300pcs hf rfid wristband/opp bag;150pcs/ big clear plastic bag; 20 bags/carton

2. Shipping: by DHL, by UPS, by FedEx, or by Sea.

Company Information

Shenzhen Great Creativity Smart Card Co. Ltd is a professinal hf rfid wristband manufacturer in China, which has over 10 years in hf rfid wristband. Our main products include RFID tag/NFC tags, RFID/NFC card, RFID ID card, RFID wristband, NFC stickers, NFC readers, etc. Our big clients include Sony, Samsung, OPPO, British Telecom

FAQ about hf rfid wristband

NFC in general:

1. What are NFC Tags?

  • NFC Tags are little plastic discs that can be placed around you which you can use to make your smartphone do special and very useful "tricks".

2. What is an NFC Tag used for?

  • NFC allows a smartphone to interact with the world around you. It allows you to store information or instructions on the tag so that the phone reacts in a specific way when it touches it. The possibilities are endless, but a few examples would be:
  • Execute Tasks - touching an NFC compliant phone to a tag can execute a task on the phone, e.g. Launch an app, Google Latitude or foursquare checkin, etc.
  • Share Information - tags can be used to share vCards, WiFi network setup, URLs, etc
More questions about hf rfid wristband:

1. Are batteries needed?

  • No, NFC tags don't need batteries. Without getting into the technical details, just assume tags are like CD/DVD discs. You can write to and read from them without batteries.

2. How far away can the phone be from the tagsfordroid.com tag to use/read it?

  • Normally, our tags need to be less than 2cm (approx 3/4 of an inch) from the phone to work. For best results, actually touch the tag with the phone.

3. If I want to use these tags in a public space, can a stranger modify them?

  • If you plan on using them in a public space we recommend you to lock them, that is, make them read only. Our tags can be made read only, but the specifics of how you do it depend on the app you are using. NOTE: setting the tag to read-only (locked) is permanent, nobody can change that tag after that, not even you.

4. Will your 1k NFC Tags work with my Samsung Galaxy S3? ...Sony Xperia? ... HTC One X? ...Nexus S? ...Nexus 7? ...Galaxy Nexus?

  • Our 1k tags will work with any device that supports MIFARE™ classic tags (i.e. has an NXP NFC chipset). This includes the Samsung Galaxy S3, Sony Xperia, HTC One X, Nexus S, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, and many other phones.
  • Please note: due to technical limitations, the Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 phone and the Nexus 10 tablet cannot read MIFARE™ classic 1k tags. The Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 will work with our NTAG203 tags (see below).

5. Will your NTAG203 Tags work with my Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 Phone or my Nexus 10 Tablet?

  • Yes, our NTAG203 Tags work with all NFC capable devices, including the Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 phone and Nexus 10 tablet.

6. What's the thickness of epoxy?

  • The usual epoxy thickness is 1.2mm for each side, so the total thickness of a epoxy tags is 3.3 - 3.5mm.

 Questions about shipping:


We can provide Express like DHL, FedEX, UPS, TNT, or shipping by sea, or even China post.

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Tech Co.,Ltd.

Tel:0086 13242020477

Contact Person:Cheryl

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