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mifare 1k card / mifare s50 card

mifare 1k card / mifare s50 card

  • Product: mifare classic 1k card / mifare s50 card
  • Material: PVC, PET
  • Size: 85.5×54×0.84 mm
  • Chip: MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K(S50)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 pieces
MIFARE 1k card / mifare s50 card has advanced data encryption and two-way password verification system, 16 completely independent sectors. It has a very high stability and wide range of applications.

Technical parameter
 Product:  mifare classic 1k card / mifare s50 card
 Material:  PVC, etc
 Size:  85.5×54×0.84 mm
 Chip:  MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K(S50)
 Storage:  1K Byte
 Read and write distance:  5―10 CM
 Operating temperature:  -20℃-50℃
 Frequency:  13.56 MHZ
 Protocol:  ISO 14443A
 Application:  access control, attendance, conference attendance, identification, logistics, industrial automation, all kinds of membership cards, such as subway, bus token cards, clubs and other electronic consumer, electronic tickets, animal identification, target tracking, laundry management, all kinds of cards and so on.
 Minimum Order Quantity:  500 pieces
 Sample:  Free samples can be sent to you for testing
 Company:  Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co., Ltd.

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