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iso 14443a hf rfid anti metal tagiso 14443a hf rfid anti metal tag

iso 14443a hf rfid anti metal tag

  • Commonly used chip:
  • NXP Ultralight C, NXP Ultralight, NXP Ntag 213, Topaz 512
  • Common specifications:
  • 35mm*35mm, 25mm dia. 30mm dia, 50*50mm, 85.5*54mm
  • The company brand:
  • Chuangxinjia
iso 14443a hf rfid anti metal tag
The reason NFC tags does not work on metal is that the metal surface behind the tag acts as a ground and reduces the performance of the tag's antenna, effectively stopping it creating the current needed to power the chip.

In reality, you can often get the tags to work with just a small gap (0.5-1cm) and we know of many clients who just use thick foam type sticker to create a gap .However, to do the job properly, you should use on-metal tag which have a ferrite foil barrier between the tag and the adhesive layer.

How the difference between normal nfc sticker and anti-metal nfc sticker

Because NFC tags or sticker work by electromagnetic induction, metal can easily interfere with their operation, NFC Tags can never work behind metal and if placed directly onto metal, then you need to use special anti-metal tags or ferrite tag for application.


1: Chip Type: NXP Ultralight,  NXP Ultralight C,  NXP Ntag 213 , Topaz 512

2: Memory:   512 bits, 192 bytes, 168 bytes, 512 bytes 

3: Technology: NFC Type 2 and ISO 14443A protocol

4: Frequency:  13.56mhz 

5: R/W:  the writing endurance will 100000 times

6: Date Transmission: 106 k bit/s 


2: Profile 

 Surface: PVC, Paper or PET material

 Backside: adhesive or requested 3M adhesive

 Middle: anti-metal layer or ferrite material 
 Size: 25mm Dia, 35*35mm, 43*26mm, 50*50mm, 86*54mm, or as request
 Thickness: 0.55~0.8 mm

3. Working Environment

 Working life: 5 ~10 years and depend on using environment  
 Store temperature: -25
 Humidity: 20% ~ 90%RH
 Working temperature: -40
~ 65

Can work on metal or battery environment 

4: Application 

For use in NFC forum tag. smart-poster / connection handover /one-touch set-up, smart nfc enable mobile phone, e-wallet, e-ticket, etc.

Product Picture

iso 14443a hf rfid anti metal tag

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia is a professional soft pvc blue-tooth rfid tags manufacturer in China, which has over 10 years. Our main products include RFID tag/NFC tags, RFID/NFC card, RFID ID card, RFID wristband, NFC stickers, NFC readers, etc. Our big clients include Sony, Samsung, OPPO, British Telecom, Verizon, etc.

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