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Customized Wholesale NFC Epoxy Tags For TrackingCustomized Wholesale NFC Epoxy Tags For TrackingCustomized Wholesale NFC Epoxy Tags For Tracking

Customized Wholesale NFC Epoxy Tags For Tracking

  • 1.Material: Epoxy coated,PVC,Adhesive.
  • 2.Size: 25mm diameter, 35*35mm, 50*50mm, 27*42mm, 85*54mm and as requested.
  • 3.Frequency: 13.56Mhz/HF.
  • 4.Protocol: ISO 14443A/HF.
  • 5.Crafts: Four color off-set printing, Thermal Number,Digital Number, punching, UV Coating, epoxy coating etc.
  • 6.MOQ: 500 pcs.
  • 7.Sample: FREE samples for test

Product Description of NFC epoxy tag for tracking

NFC epoxy tags for tracking

1.Different material for options: coated paper, PVC, PET, hard PVC, epoxy
2.Customized Color Printing
3.Customized Design and Color
4.Can be used under different conditions

Product Description of NFC epoxy tag for tracking 

 Material:  Epoxy coated,PVC,Adhesive.
 Size:  35*35mm or to be customized.
 Thickness:  0.4-0.5mm or 0.8-1mm, or customized.
 Frequency:  HF:13.56Mhz.
 Protocol:  HF:ISO14443A.
 Available Chip:   NXP Ntag213, Mifare S50, NXP Ultralight,
 NXP Ultralight C, Broadcom Topaz 512 etc.
 EPPROM:  64 bytes, 192 bytes, 144 bytes, 512 bytes,
1k bytes etc. Different chips of different EPPROM.
 Reading distance:  LF/HF:3-10cm.
 Crafts available:  Printing, serial number, barcode, and so on.
 Monthly capacity:  6,000,000 pcs/month.
MOQ:  500 pcs.
Certificate:  ISO9001-2008,SGS,ROHS,EN71.
Delivery date:
 6-7 working days for 10K after order confirmation.
 Shipping way:  by express(DHL,FEDEX), by air, by sea.
 Payment term:  pay by TT,western union,paypal,etc.

Detailed Images

NFC epoxy tag for tracking
NFC epoxy tag for tracking
CXJ NFC epoxy tag for tracking

Application of NFC Tag

NFC mobile payment, NFC electronic intelligence posters, Electronic ticket, production identification, NFC electronic sign in, Mobile name cards, library management, entrance access, or expense, and so on.

Application of NFC Tag

Package Details

Single Piece Package: 100 pcs/Bag, 10 Bags/Box, 20 Boxes/Carton.
Roll Package: 2000 pcs/Roll, 3000 pcs/Roll, 5000 pcs/Roll, 1-3kg/1000pcs or on your demand.

NFC epoxy tag

Exhibition Photo
NFC epoxy tag

Factory Manufacturing
NFC epoxy tag

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless communication technology which allows the transfer of data from one device to another at close range, typically a few centimetres. It has a huge range of applications from marketing to asset tracking in many markets from healthcare to personal use. It's also the technology driving mobile payments and many transport infrastructures. NFC is now supported by 90% of the leading mobile manufacturers including Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry, Google and HTC etc.

Most of mobile phones have NFC application and make today's life will be more smart and easy. We can use NFC function to payment, identify, date exchange, information share. NFC sticker can affix on phone backside or anywhere if you want. Customer can rewrite urls, text, number into nfc sticker which embedded nfc chip inside. Generally they are 13.56mhz and iso 14443 protocol. We can chose them depend on their user memory.

The NFC epoxy tag is finely designed to attract the customers eyes, the nice appearance is aim to promote company image. It is widely used for loyalty system,access control system, time-attendance system, promotion system.

We can offer the customized NFC Tag with any requested shape and size. For more information about NFC epoxy tag. Please feel free to contact us: info@nfctagfactory.com
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