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RFID Wristbands Give Your Baby Better Care!

chuangxinjia https://www.nfctagfactory.com 2019-12-06 12:05:17

The new RFID newborn wristband gives better care to the baby.Most hospitals now wear mother-to-child bracelets at birth, until they are discharged safely.However, because this label is a physical medium, it is easy to be exchanged. Although obstetrics are “highly guarded”, outsiders are generally not allowed to enter, and family visits are subject to control, but various problems will be encountered in actual management.The safety of babies needs further improvement.

Based on the actual situation and management needs of the hospital, adopt advanced Internet of Things technology to better design the hospital RFID neonatal wristband management system, support the principle of openness for mothers and infants in obstetrics and maternity and child care hospitals in large general hospitals, centralized management, and implement humanized services, Identify management services.

The RFID neonatal wristband mainly monitors newborns and mothers in real time, system security management, etc., binds the unique code of the electronic tag of the mother and infant, and can also store some information of the nursing doctor's order into the system.Two-way binding is implemented. In addition to matching the mother with the baby, the baby needs to be matched with the nursing staff. There is a management loophole in identifying the baby alone, and it is impossible to prevent malicious human exchange.Therefore, it is best to identify both the newborn baby and its mother, and use the same code to connect the biological mother and child.When a baby care right is temporarily transferred between a hospital staff and a mother, both parties should conduct inspections to ensure correct mother-child pairing, and at the same time ensure that only medical staff who have been paired have the right to hold the baby out of the safe area.

The RFID newborn wristband monitors the mother and baby in real time. When the baby appears in the same area with other unbound mothers or caregivers, the system will analyze and issue an alert based on the information comparison.An alert will also be issued if someone intentionally removes a label.Comprehensive query can provide detailed query of mother and baby based on wristband, mother's name, bed number, baby's birth date, as well as historical records query functions such as alarm events, personalized services, nursing records.For mothers and relatives, baby wristbands have certain commemorative value. At the same time, baby features such as baby photos and hands can be printed on the wristbands through technical means. By building this system, it can provide more Many personalized services.

RFID applications are becoming more and more common in our lives, not only in real-time monitoring of mothers and infants in hospitals, but also in faster data reading and writing equipment.As the Internet of Things changes our lives, RFID applications will become more widespread.