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  • Release on2020-09-01
    The emergence of RFID tool label management application has realized the high efficiency and intelligence of tool management. The special customized tool table with RFID reader and the installation of UHF passive anti-metal tags can greatly improve tool management. Accuracy and efficiency, and achieve cross-organization and cross-departmental information sharing.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-08-28
    Commonly used RFID readers are divided into fixed and handheld (also known as mobile). Fixed RFID readers, whose antennas can be either external or built-in. Compared with hand-held devices, fixed RFID readers have certain advantages in reading distance and range.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-08-19
    The Internet of Things exhibition provides a platform for people in the industry to make friends and learn. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, overseas friends cannot come to the exhibition to learn and communicate, but their suppliers are not absent from the exhibition. Thousands of products and the latest RFID technology and RFID solutions were displayed at the exhibition covering the entire industry chain. Scenario-based display, rich product display, and close-range product effect experience fully demonstrate the charm of the Internet of Things.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-07-30
    The RFID behind the intelligence relies on the high reliability and ultra-long reading range of UHF RFID, which means that it is unlikely that shoppers will be missed by passing through the gate. RFID tags are specially coded for entrance and exit devices, so they will not interfere with any tag system already used by the store, helping the store to reopen, while complying with the guidelines for maintaining social distancing.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-07-20
    When you are looking for a bicycle, open the APP, click on the pre-stored location, and Google Maps will automatically open to locate the location of the bike for you. For the accuracy of bicycle positioning, this APP also has settings. The NFC chip sticker can help you complete the positioning with the highest accuracy of 5 meters. Of course, if you choose this positioning accuracy, you probably need to wait 10 seconds for the system to respond.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-07-14
    According to the African swine fever test report, the animal quarantine certificate is issued, the source of the live pigs is clear, they are all wearing RFID ear tags, and the animal quarantine certificate is attached.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-07-13
    The use of express delivery has become a habit of people, and the accompanying express packaging waste has also experienced rapid growth, and green governance of the express delivery industry has become an important issue. With the promotion of relevant departments, the greening, reduction and recyclability of express packaging are beginning to show results, but the management of some chronic diseases still requires the establishment of a long-term mechanism.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-07-03
    The Internet of Things mainly consists of three key technologies: Connection, identification and data operationRead More>>
  • Release on2020-07-01
    At present, hotels, amusement parks, large factories and hospitals have a large amount of clothing and clothes that need to be processed every day. Because work clothes must be replaced regularly, this is particularly important in clothing washing management. The application of RFID and the identification and management of individual clothes, based on UHF RFID, realize an efficient working platform for rapid laundry collection, sorting, full-automatic inventory, and laundry collection in the laundry industry, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing error rates.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-06-30
    People may often see anti-theft soft labels on the products of supermarkets, cosmetics stores, and pharmacies. The soft label is easy to use, has good anti-theft effect and low cost, and can be directly pasted on the product. Anti-theft soft tags include acoustic magnetic soft tags and radio frequency soft tagsRead More>>
  • Release on2020-06-29
    Chuangxinjia realizes that customers also need to ensure that its brand is not affected by the steaming process. Therefore, in addition to inlay performance, the company also uses finished product design and logo to test its labels to ensure that the integrity of the brand is not adversely affected.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-06-28
    The integrated application of RFID and multiple technologies in electronic archives management provides many conveniences for file inspection and inventory management. It will also improve the efficiency of archives management, reduce the management costs of archives, and play an important role in the application value of archives. In the true sense of digital file management.Read More>>
  • Release on2016-04-20
    Under the big data system, establish a real-time dynamic database. In this way, the epidemic prevention staff at the checkpoint of the population movements can obtain the big data of epidemic prevention by simply scanning the health code with one touch of the handheld device, without the need to check the population information on paper. Here, the handset becomes necessary.Read More>>
  • Release on2019-12-31
    Since November 2001, the world-renowned Italian clothing brand Prada Advanced Clothing Group has installed RFID tags on clothing, which records the style, size, color and other details and price information of clothing. Whenever a customer wears Prada clothes passing through their store, the RFID system controls the store to display a picture of a model showing the same clothes on the T stage in Milan. This application of RFID has greatly enhanced consumers' sense of accomplishment after purchasing Prada products.Read More>>
  • Release on2019-12-30
    At the same time as the rapid development of RFID, people have also raised some concerns about the hidden dangers of electronic tags, which also makes "security" a major focus of RFID in the future. "Security issues" have promoted the development of RFID tag antennas, and RF1D tag antennas have diversified development directions.Read More>>