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  • Release on 2018-12-20
    Multinova's foam plastic plant has recently enabled RFID solutions to track its products, using UHF RFID readers for order picking and identification, improving accuracy and efficiency.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-12-04
    Animal identification and tracking refers to a technique that uses specific RFID ear tags to correspond to the identified animals by a certain technical means and can track and manage related attributes of animals at any time.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-11-22
    For high-frequency (13.56MHz) smart card information security, launched a high-frequency anti-theft shield card, which is specially used to protect the data security of chip bank card, second-generation id card, bus card and other high frequency smart card.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-11-20
    Now, everyone has several RFID cards, but when there are many RFID cards, it is easy to lose and easy to damage. When multiple cards are put together, the same frequency band of the RFID card will interfere with each other, causing the RFID card to malfunction. Therefore, the RFID card needs to be carried by people in other forms, so the RFID keychain appears on the market.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-11-05
    Anti-metal tag is a special anti-magnetic absorbing material encapsulated tag, which technically solves the problem that the tag cannot be attached to the metal surface.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-10-24
    Asembia is a healthcare services, contracting and technology company that is currently using RFID systems to manage the inventory and effective time of its high value drugs. Since the UHF RFID system was used this year, the company's sales department and pharmacy have achieved better inventory effective period management, thereby reducing product losses.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-10-19
    RFID technology is gradually entering people's lives, RFID automatic identification technology will play an increasingly important role in the management application of informatization, scientization and modernization.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-10-12
    Nike's anti-theft buckle is different from all previous sneaker anti-theft buckles. This time, Nike's anti-theft buckle contains RFID tags and uses RFID technology.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-10-09
    Many health and fitness centers use passive UHF RFID solutions to manage towels and prevent towel loss. The system can prevent towel loss, manage towel usage time, return time and confirm the time needed for washing. The system can also be used in other vertical markets such as hotels and healthcare facilities.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-09-29
    The application of contactless IC card in kindergarten is used to solve the management problem of children. Safeguard the safety of children and timely feedback to parents about the situation of children in kindergarten.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-09-17
    This system applies RFID technology to the identification and management of individual clothing. Based on UHF RFID technology, it realizes efficient work platform for fast picking, sorting, automatic counting and taking clothes in the laundry industry, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing the probability of error.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-09-12
    In many practical projects, customers don't know how to select antennas, especially they don't know which type of antenna to use.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-09-03
    Because the RFID jewelry tag has a unique ID code, it can identify and track the bound jewelry. The tag is bound to the jewelry, which is equivalent to the jewelry has its own ID card, can not be changed, can not be forged, and has a good anti-counterfeiting effect.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-08-27
    At present, handheld RFID readers are widely used in the logistics industry. Many people who regularly shop online have seen them in the hands of couriers. With the concept of IoT deeply rooted in people's minds, handheld UHF RFID readers have also been applied in more and more industries. For a lot of industry work efficiency and service improvement has made a huge contribution.Read More>>
  • Release on 2018-08-09
    RFID is very suitable for the occasions where non-contact data acquisition and exchange are required for logistics tracking, delivery vehicles, warehouse shelves and target identification. Widely used in warehouse management, transportation management, material tracking and shelf identification in logistics management, stores (especially supermarkets).Read More>>