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Industry News

  • Release on 2019-08-27
    UHF RFID ear tags have lighter weight, cheaper cost, longer reading distance, and have a higher reading rate in multi tag conflict environments.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-08-15
    The market demand for medical wristbands is growing, because for old, young, seriously ill, surgical patients and patients with self-expression disabilities, wristbands can quickly identify patient information, name, gender, bed number, hospital number and other information.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-08-08
    The writing mode of RFID tag information can be roughly divided into three types. Chuangxinjia is leading RFID tag manufacture in Shenzhen, 15 years' ISO9001 certified factory. If you have any questions, please contact us.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-07-31
    NFC has always been an interesting technology. Just tap the NFC tag with your phone to activate or deactivate the activity. The whole process took only a few seconds, and it became more efficient to complete daily activities.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-07-19
    What is a Faraday Bag? It is a structure that blocks the passage of radio signals. What is a Faraday Cage made of? The faraday bag is made of high quality carbon fiber, carbon fiber, PU leather and genuine leather, etc.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-06-28
    Many people ask if smart bracelet is the same as fitness bracelet and RFID bracelet. In fact, smart bracelet include fitness bracelet and RFID bracelet.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-06-21
    NFC silicone bracelet has become the preferred access control product because of its easy-to-operate properties. Especially you can use special embossed and debossed way to print the logo we like on the bracelets we wear. This stylish NFC silicone bracelet is a strong attraction for many people.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-06-12
    Our advanced printing and manufacturing process provides you with durable and professional airline luggage tags, unique design with a variety of choices to fit your custom personality.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-05-27
    The attractiveness of RFID technology to the retail industry that focuses on logistics and inventory management is considerable. The retail giants are also very enthusiastic about it.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-05-15
    With the wide application of RFID tags in uniqlo, hailan home, la chapelle, decathlon and other clothing brands, the popularity of RFID in the fashion brand industry has become the trend of the times.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-04-30
    RFID textile tag is suitable for laundry, linen industrial washed application. It can bear 180℃ high temperature ironing and 200 times cycling industrial washing. The performance is stable and reliable.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-04-18
    In order to alleviate the increasingly serious problem of understaffing, 7-11, familymart and three other Japanese chain convenience stores plan to use RFID tags for all products by 2025.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-03-19
    RFID cards are widely used, the technology is more and more mature, and the security performance is good. It brings us convenience and also brings protection to our lives.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-02-28
    The RFID wristbands produced by Shenzhen Chuanxinjia Technology Co., Ltd. are available in a variety of styles and materials. They can be customized according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-02-22
    At present, RFID tags have gradually replaced the traditional tags. But RFID tags are not suitable for all projects and industries, and there are many kinds of RFID tag. Therefore, when customers purchase RFID tags in large quantities, they must make preparations in many aspects and choose suitable ones for their own industries.Read More>>