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Tactile Marketing Of RFID Clothing Tags

chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com/ 2019-12-09 16:20:13

Tactile is the best close-up experience. Consumers intuitively feel the texture of the fabric by trying to wear it and determine whether the product fits their body size.

According to statistics from the Smart Manufacturing (China) Elite Club, 70% of consumers' decisions on whether to buy or not are made during the trial.This shows the importance of fitting rooms and fitting experiences.

The modernization and humanization of fitting rooms can improve the consumer experience.Clothing stores can install RFID readers in fitting rooms, and each fitting room can have multiple accessory mirrors with RFID receiver displays.When consumers try on clothes in the fitting room, consumers can clearly see the situation of trying on their clothes on the display. At the same time, the side of the display can also show the different combinations and colors of the clothes, so that consumers can Preview and select a more suitable matching scheme.

For example, when a consumer tries on red pants in front of a fitting room display, a picture of the situation that the consumer tries on appears on the display.There are also different matching schemes for this garment: red pants with black shirts, red shoes, etc., so consumers can click to see more detailed matching schemes.

In this case, the RFID reader is installed in the fitting room. When the consumer tries on clothes in the fitting room, the RFID reader can read the data of the RFID clothing tag on the clothes, and the system will enter the database Search for the corresponding matching scheme information, match the clothes with the information, and finally display it on the display next to the fitting mirror.If the consumer's matching scheme is interested, as long as the user clicks on the display, he can query the shelf position, inventory quantity, color type, size and other information of the matching products in the specialty store.

Attempts on RFID clothing tags applications and touch displays have not only provided consumers with the most professional clothing combination, but have also played a vital role in promoting clothing.