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RFID Has Obvious Advantages In Document Management-CXJ RFID Supplier

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2020-06-28 15:20:42
With the rapid development of enterprises and institutions, the number of various information files has increased day by day and is diversified. Paper information storage will not meet the needs of modern information electronic control. RFID provides important information data support for the information collection, exchange and tracking capabilities of storage items in the storage area. Without opening the file bag, you can display the specific name, quantity, file summary and other information of the files in the box on the computer screen, reducing It improves the operation efficiency and helps to implement the dynamic management of documents and archives.

RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology that automatically identifies target objects and obtains relevant data through radio frequency signals. It has long-distance, batch reading, and can recognize the item information under static and moving conditions. Because the RFID tag can be made into a sticker type, it has the characteristics of ultra-thin and small size. The RFID tag is applied to different types of file management.

rfid tags

Compared with the traditional automatic identification technology represented by barcode, the application solution of RFID in file management has very obvious advantages:

Quick scan

RFID readers can simultaneously identify multiple RFID tags, which is the key to RFID's ability to improve management efficiency. The identification of multiple tags means that the information of the archives in and out of the library can be obtained in a faster manner.

Small size and diversified shapes

RFID does not need to match the fixed size and printing quality of the paper for reading accuracy. It is more suitable for the development of miniaturization and various forms. It can be easily embedded or attached to the file, which is not easy to be damaged and safer.


The data stored in the RFID tag can be dynamically updated, and can be recycled and used multiple times. In the file management project, an electronic tag is bound to a file bag. During the entire file transfer process, even if the business process of the file changes, the electronic Tags can also modify information in real time to adapt to new business processes and be used repeatedly to achieve more efficient management at a lower implementation cost.

Penetrating and unobstructed reading

RFID can easily penetrate non-metallic materials such as paper, wood and plastic for penetrating communication, which also creates conditions for batch reading of files.

The integrated application of RFID and multiple technologies in electronic archives management provides many conveniences for file inspection and inventory management. It will also improve the efficiency of archives management, reduce the management costs of archives, and play an important role in the application value of archives. In the true sense of digital file management.

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