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Quality Problems and Solutions of PVC Card Making

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-06-19 11:55:06
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First, Color deviation
Because most of the PVC card are used imposition printing, with a PS version of dozens of orders, so when printing, it is difficult to take care of each single order, sometimes one single order color is correct, but another one is far off. The solution to this problem is using special edition printing, that is, one PS only print one order, so the color will be more accurate. Sometimes the color cast is because of the greater changes in the material color, which causes the printed PVC card is very different from the usual. for example, if the material color is darker, surface finishing is not good enough, the printed card will be all dark, black. This problem can only be solved by replacing the material.



Second, PVC card serious scratches
The main reason for this quality problem is in the compounding process. As in the card compounding process, steel plate is need to press PVC sheets, by heating and pressing two PVC sheets together. If the steel finish is not good enough, or steel plate maintenance is not good, there will be obvious scratches left one the sheet surface when suppression, thus affecting the appearance of the card. The solution is to replace the steel plate that has already worn.

Third, Card deformation
PVC card deformation occurs when card embossing number, if the press pressure set too hard, it is easy to make the card deformation. The solution is to reduce the pressure. Another situation is PVC card one side added with the lamination film, while the other side without. The solution is to add the film on both sides of the card, or both not.

Fourth, PVC card layer
The reason for the stratification is that the compounding time is not enough to reach the melting point of the PVC sheet, or the compounding time is not enough, causing the two PVC sheets can not be completely bonded. The solution is to increase the synthesis temperature or to extend the time of the synthesis process.

Five, the edge is not smooth
The reason for this problem must be that the mold is worn too much , or there is a gap, the solution is to repair or replace the mold.