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What are the advantages and disadvantages of glossy cards?

2017-06-16 13:28:47
pvc card manufacturer

Glossy cards refers to the card surface has not been any special process to deal with. There are two kinds of glossy cards, one for calendering, one for glossy. General
calendering is not added to the film. The glossy card is added to the film. So the glossy card is generally brighter than the calendering. This is because after the film, afterthe reflection of the light, the card surface is very beautiful. So it is called glossy card.

1. The advantages of glossy cards
First of all, the advantages of glossy card is obvious, because it adds a layer of special film, the card is very bright and very beautiful. It is very suitable for the cards ofmulti-color and complex pattern. Second, because it added a film, the general liquid can not penetrate into the card. Glossy cards are very common in the market. It is morecommon in the case of more complex patterns. Of course, also there is a kind of card need to enter the printer to print, it must be glossy card.

2. The disadvantages of glossy cards
The shortcomings of the glossy card should be said that the shortcomings of pressure card. Because the glossy card not coated is calendering card. The biggest drawback of the calendering card is easy to scratch. Because there is no coated protection, the card is not so durable.

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