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RFID Internet of things will blossom everywhere

sharon Chuangxinjia 2017-06-23 17:46:04
RFID Internet of things
In early 2005, we firmly believe that the future world will be a RFID networking world, RFID technology will be applied to people, goods and vehicles of various types of global goods, highlighting the rapid identification, tracking, security, induction and other functions.

With the development and progress of science and technology, especially the improvement of micro chip technology(mini rfid tag), to reduce the chip miniaturization and label cost of these two factors, let RFID technology in daily life has many possible applications. The development of RFID technology, so far, in the use of technology, from the storage of goods management, health management, transportation management to individual identification and other kinds of daily life or commercial applications, this technology can see the shadow. Because of the miniaturization of chips and the low power wireless transmission, the application of this technology is not only diverse, but also closer to our daily life. 

fpc mini tag

For example, such as RFID metrocard, the two generation card, highway ETC and so on, are all developed through RFID technology. 

rfid metrocard

Another example: affixed to the RFID chip on the goods, through intelligent shelves, self-service checkout system, anti-theft device combination, to do effective store goods sales management. When customers come to the store, they push the shopping cart with RFID through the RFID reader's channel. The channel is designed to understand how many customers and how much time they spend shopping, as well as certain anti-theft features. Customers in the use of carts at the same time, can also be through the trolley onto the computer, enter the desired commodity name and brand, through database search, control the position of the user, can quickly remind customers of goods; at the same time, store all the goods are attached with RFID tags, through in store scanners and small screen for customers to know the details, and check goods and information, see. During checkout, no longer need through traditional manual counting checkout mode, through the fast scanning RFID can make the checkout speed more quickly, but also can effectively link the store inventory database, record sales. Finally, when the customer checkout is completed, the RFID anti-theft function is also closed.

RFID technology brings convenience to life and application. Only by concentrating, specializing and innovating can we advance together with the development of the industry.