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From Handheld To Mask Machine, See The Anti-Epidemic Power Of RFID Companies

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2016-04-20 10:43:23
The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak at the beginning of 2020 seems to have promoted the arrival of the era of big data, and also brought about some business opportunities that will not be offensive or even good. Under the big data system, establish a real-time dynamic database. In this way, the epidemic prevention staff at the checkpoint of the population movements can obtain the big data of epidemic prevention by simply scanning the health code with one touch of the handheld device, without the need to check the population information on paper. Here, the handset becomes necessary.

The definition of a handheld device on the network refers to a portable data processing terminal device with the following three characteristics: namely, it has data storage and computing capabilities (with an operating system); it is equipped with a man-machine interface, with display and input functions; itself With battery.

Handsets equipped with different functional modules such as RFID reading and writing, ID identification, laser scanning can meet the needs of different application scenarios, including smart retail, electricity meter reading, warehouse management, logistics management, medical equipment, temperature detection, production line sorting, Personnel identification, customs clearance, mobile law enforcement, vehicle maintenance, etc.

For example, in the overhaul of the train, in order to eliminate the potential safety hazards of manual overhaul, the Fuzhou EMU actively applies the “AI auxiliary maintenance system for key parts of the EMU”. This system is built into the hand-held machine that the ground mechanic carries with it, which can intelligently analyze There may be safety hazards such as spring cracks and loose bolts in the EMU. The resolution of the hidden dangers can reach 99.91%.

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The health code was born due to the epidemic situation, and the handheld computer has gained a wider range of applications and popularity due to the health code. In fact, the powerful functions of the handheld don't stop there. It is suitable for medical data collection, business resumption inspection, community management, pharmacy drug records, school registration, traffic checkpoint inspection, etc. It is an effective way to prevent and control epidemics and collect data in real time.

In addition to the handhelds needed for information construction, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the Gengzi year put a huge demand on masks, and supply was in short supply. According to data analysis, China's 1.4 billion people, including urban population of about 800 million and rural population of about 600 million. As companies resume work and resume production, employee masks consume at least one daily. It is expected that one billion masks will be consumed daily during an epidemic.

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As a result, major enterprises have rebuilt their production lines in the shortest time, installed mask machines, and put into production medical mask production lines to fill the daily demand for masks and save the situation that masks are difficult to find. For the RFID industry, which waits patiently for the resumption of production and then continues to contribute to the development of the RFID industry, while doing a good job of epidemic protection, they have also made different efforts to address the need for masks.

The epidemic has not ended, and more companies are still supporting the country's epidemic prevention and control work. We can do a lot. Now that enterprises resume work and resume production, China forced to press the pause button has begun to flow, and the rich and vibrant cities of the past will also resume the past prosperity. The RFID industry has also started to climb steadily after a short period of stagnation.