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SamsungPay It's Better For Using Larger Wallet? - Chuangxinjia NFC Factory

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2016-04-22 11:43:55

Nowadays more and more people like to use large wallet and handbag, it seems that larger wallet can manifest their status. However, it's inconvenience to carry and use it.

You needn't to find credit card from different kinds of cards in large wallet if you using SamsungPay, just need to slide the phone down-up from home button, then choose the bank cards you need. Also support lock screen, home page, even blank screen to recall it.



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Only need a cellphone to make payments when shipping outside. SamsungPay also have NFC(Near Field Communication) technology and MST(magnetic secure signal transmission) technology, which can compatible with NFC style POS and traditional POS, so it can using in majority of POS. With widely use of MST and NFC, SamsungPay let us more closely to the world which is no wallet.

Be careful with fake POS, protecting Payment security.

Nowadays, most of people are using traditional bank cards, Don't have pay much attention of payment security. It's very easy to copy information of traditional bank card, which is give a chance for some criminals. More ever, some POS can copy and stole information of users bank informations.

SamsungPay not only have To Ken but also have KNOX. Every transaction, merchant will received a payment symbol. This Symbol will replace of real bank informations, Maximum to avoid the disclosure of bank informations. What's more, KNOX technology supported smart and high efficient protection for bank cards.