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What Can The NFC Of The Chuangxinjia Supplier Do In Bluetooth Speakers

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2016-04-18 18:07:09
People buy speaker can find that now more and more speakers mark NFC function in their instruction. So what the meaning of NFC and I am afraid people know them rarely. Actually, NFC is not fresh and many mainstream smart mobile phones have this function, today, we just talk about what is NFC, how to use and what can NFC do for speaker and more.

chuangxinjia nfc supplier

What can NFC do for Bluetooth speaker

NFC is nearly field communication, research and development from NXP semiconductor, NOKIA and SONY. It is base on RFID and interconnection technology. NFC evolved from Radio frequency identification (RFID) and interconnection. Integrating the proximity reader, proximity card and P2P with sole chip. NFC can identify compatible device and data exchange in short distance.

It seems not easy to understanding, in fact our daily life transportation card will be NFC technology. We just touch with reader and can finish payment, it is P2P data exchange. So will be easy for understanding for our new freshmen.

Smart phone installs NFC payment function can use widely, we can use them as boarding tickets, door access control, transportation, credit card, debit card and NFC application now has integrate into our daily life.

What's more for NFC doing in Bluetooth speaker

For Bluetooth speaker, NFC makes them more convenient in using, especially some of parents who do not know how to use smart phone to connect Bluetooth. They just open Bluetooth and touch the NFC marked location with their smart phone then will show notice for connecting or not. It will so easy for us.

Besides, it has memory function, we just need to connect one time and it can remember the last time setting up and automatic connecting. It will so sweet heart for smart life. Of course, this is just fit for mobile phone, pad which  installs NFC function inside. For Apples we just say sorry and NFC will be coming soon one day.

NFC will be great trend for Bluetooth, it innovates the ways of experience and makes more closed to our daily life even working out many applications' demand. We believe that NFC works in speaker will be more and more popular.