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Chuangxinjia Warmly Welcomes Shenzhen And Fujian Netizens To Come For Exchanges And Visits!

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2015-11-12 15:48:59
When chairmen wu came back from Nan’ning province in Oct. 29th, he must’ve been feel exhausted and worn out. Yet when there were entrepreneurs coming for an exchange visit in the following day, fatigue gone and chairmen WU was full of passion again. Hereinafter, we sincerely thank you, chairmen wu, for your great contributions and kindness.
    Taking over the factory only with dozens of workers from the beginning, then shifted and upgraded into an electronic business company, this was never easy to chairmen WU, and it’s difficult and hard. Yet wu was leaning while working and he finally found a way to change the situation, a way that a management pattern which was suitable and perfect for the company. Cutting off the clients of low profits and poor honesty, instead, WU chose to work and build long term business relationship with clients capable of high consumption abilities. Besides, he created professional sales teams focused on overseas markets and expended them from zero to thirty-two existed great sales teams. When facing with the problem of employees’ benefits and survival issues, WU put forward the idea to help his people with the plan of startup business and money sharing, which lower the demission rate to a great extent. Additionally, chairmen wu was working with his admin team to create and build a warm familya and relax atmosphere for all his employees, so they can work together to gain greater profits.

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     2015 is a hard year for all of us; however, chairmen wu was even more kind-hearted for reception of entrepreneurs coming to our company for exchanging visits. He hoped to exert what little strength he has to help those entrepreneurs for breaking through the development bottleneck effectively. Chairmen wu’s attitude of
sharing, as a matter of fact, has a great influence to every employee working here in Chuangxinjia, which make us learn better and gain more experience in our daily work. We sincerely hope that the sharing of chairmen WU may do a good help to every coming entrepreneurs.