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Chuangxinjia's October Birthday And Anniversary Party

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2015-11-12 15:54:32
Birthday is regarded as a very special day for each of us; it is a day which people will receive best wishes and happiness. Herein in Chuangxinjia, we hold birthday party once a time a month, to build and create the good familya atmosphere to all of employees whom will be happy in this very special day.

Anniversary, which indicating that all employees are working and fighting with the company for another year and this is of great importance to the whole company. We herein thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for your supports and back up, for every of your great contributions. Let us get together, work together, and fight for a brighter future together!

Under a highly attention and great supports from the superior leaders, employees who were born in October are getting together for a birthday and anniversary party. There were delicious cakes and pretty presents. With a happy birthday song, the party was loud and exciting.

Good parties will always benefits a lot to both of the employees and the company;  it helps to warm up the feeling and friendship between employees, as well as the communication and understanding about each others. Herein in Chuangxinjia, we believe in the spirits of people oriented and employee ownership and this will accompany us for the development of the company.

Blessing and sincere for you, in this very special day, all fellow workers herein would like to express our most sincere birthday wishes to you! We wish you a happy birthday and happy family! The company’s development cannot be such success without you and your family’s support and dedication, we sincerely thank you for your hard working and contributions here. And let’s hope we will get together to work in harmonious and fight for a brighter future!

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