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What Is The Use Of Medical Wristband In The Medical Field

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2019-08-15 15:41:55
The market demand for medical wristband is growing, because for old, young, seriously ill, surgical patients and patients with self-expression disabilities, wristbands can quickly identify patient information, name, gender, bed number, hospital number and other information. No human error.

The medical wristband is a wristband made of special materials. It prints the basic information of the patient and uses one- or two-dimensional barcodes to facilitate the information system to quickly and conveniently read patient information into the system. It is widely used in hospitals.

There are punch holes on the wristband, which can adjust the button position according to the actual size. It is very convenient.

medical wristband

The application of medical wristband in the medical field mainly has five aspects:

1. Emergency room operating room application
The emergency room deals with all kinds of urgent patients and is difficult to manage well. Under the pressure of fast-paced work, problems such as specimens being mixed up often occur. With the help of barcode medical wristband and handheld RFID reader that scans barcode, emergency room work can be handled well. Also in the operating room, once the patient is anesthetized, it is difficult to awake and express, and the barcode medical wristband can quickly confirm the patient's identity.

2. Hospital ward round
In the hospital rounds, by reading the patient's wristband, reading the patient information, recalling the medical records and medical instructions, and also recording physical signs, such as body temperature, blood pressure, etc.

3. Drug transfusion sample extraction
During medication, blood transfusion, inspection sample extraction and other treatments, read the patient information of the wrist band to check the identity, and then check the doctor's advice to ensure the "five correct".

4. Discharge checkout
Discharge with the medical wristband in the nurse station printed notice for checkout. Due to the automatic identification ability of bar code, the processing is very fast and accurate.

5. Patient access management
Identification and registration of inpatients in and out of the ward is convenient for the management of patients.

The most important feature of the medical wristband is its uniqueness. It has the characteristics that it can no longer be opened after wearing. If open must use destructive power to unlock, unlock will not be able to use normal again. It is disposable wristband with high safety performance.