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How To Write RFID Tags

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2019-08-08 17:04:39
How to write RFID tags? Many users who have just touched RFID tags have similar questions. For example, how to ensure that the information in the RFID clothing tag is true?

How To Write RFID Tags

If only the RFID supply chain system involves the application of logistics and other aspects, it does not involve the functional requirements of anti-smuggling goods. It only needs to use EPC code to write and TID to read of RFID tags. When the label is initialized, the clothing code needs to be called from the ERP system, and the unique code of the generated tag is written into the EPC storage area, and the TID number of the tag is used for unique judgment to enhance system reliability and robustness.

The basic function of the RFID tag reader/writer is to contactlessly read data information in the RFID tag.

The writing mode of RFID tag information can be roughly divided into the following three types:

1. When the RFID tag is shipped from the factory, the complete tag information has been written to the tag. In this case, the RFID tag generally has read-only function during the application process. In more cases, the tag information is written into the chip during the production process of the RFID tag chip. So that each RFID tag have a unique identification UID application. The correspondence between the unique UID of the tag and the identification information of the object to be identified needs to be established(such as the license plate number). The read-only tag information is also written before the application, and the complete tag information is written by the dedicated initialization device.

2. The writing of the RFID tag information is implemented by a wired contact method. Generally, the tag information writing device is a programmer. This type of contact RFID tag information writing method usually has multiple rewriting capabilities. For example, the writing of RFID tag information for railway wagons currently is this way. After the information is injected, the tag usually needs to be sealed to meet the requirements of moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-fouling in the application.

3. After RFID tags leaving the factory, the user is allowed to write data information to the RFID tag in a contactless manner through a dedicated device. This dedicated write function is often combined with the RFID tag reading function to form an RFID tag reader. RFID tags with wireless write capabilities also typically have their unique unreversible UID. The RFID tag with this function tends to be a universal RFID tag. In the application, it can only read its UID or only read and write the specified memory unit of the RFID tag according to the actual needs.

The way and principle of writing RFID tag information is shared here. We are leading RFID tag manufacture in Shenzhen, 15 years' ISO9001 certified factory. If you have any questions, please contact us.