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Using NFC Tags To Quickly Switch Power Consumption WIFI Can Save A Lot Of Power

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2020-07-16 11:37:38

The power consumption of mobile phones is a headache for many people. In the case of unable to expand the storage capacity, the mobile phone power saving coup is also a good choice! Here Chuangxinjia recommends a method, but only if your mobile phone has NFC function.



chuangxinjia nfc tags

Goal: To save power, make an NFC tag that can switch WIFI function

Principle: The easiest way to use the NFC function is to touch the NFC tag on the phone to activate the phone to perform one or more actions (such as switching WIFI)

Software: NFC Task Launcher (powerful, highly recommended)

NFC tag: Chuangxinjia NFC tag


chuangxinjia nfc tags

1. Prepare an NFC tag

2. Download and install the NFC Task Launcher

3. Use NFC Task Launcher to make a label that can switch the WIFI switch


chuangxinjia rfid tags

Note: When writing the tag, if the writing fails, it may be because the NFC antenna of the mobile phone is not aligned with the NFC tag. You can move the mobile phone back and forth to confirm the antenna position until the writing is successful.

Put the NFC tag in a place where you can often encounter it. You can switch the WIFI on and off. The battery of the smart phone cannot be hurt!


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