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UHF RFID tags Show a Variety of Product forms Under Diversified Application Scenarios

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2022-08-17 10:06:55

Due to the significant differences in requirements and usage conditions of UHF RFID tags in different industries and application scenarios, different requirements are put forward for the performance and form of tags. This is mainly based on the balance of business requirements, process conditions, application costs, application scene environment, etc. For example, if the identified object is a metal product, it is necessary to add absorbing materials to achieve metal resistance.

Electronic label products can be roughly divided into three categories in terms of form, namely traditional self-adhesive self-adhesive labels, injection-molded labels and card labels. The traditional RFID tag with self-adhesive function encapsulates the RFID into a self-adhesive form, which is suitable for applications such as automatic collection of product information on highways, parking lots and industrial production lines. In campus, traffic, access control and other scenarios, non-contact IC cards are often used, and it is easy to see special-shaped labels made by injection molding in access control.

In addition, because different countries and regions have different spectrum allocation, the coverage of UHF RFID tag frequency band definitions is also different, for example:

(1) The frequency bands in China are: 840~844MHz and 920~924MHz;

(2) The EU frequency band is: 865MHz~868MHz;

(3) The frequency band in Japan is: between 952MHz and 954MHz;

(4) Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore are: 920MHz~925MHz;

(5) The frequency bands of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and South America are: 902MHz~928MHz.

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