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Eight Common Forms and Applications of UHF RFID Tags

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2022-08-16 17:44:18

In recent years, due to the continuous deepening of people's cognition of RFID and the continuous reduction of application costs, RFID has been accelerating its penetration in all walks of life.

Generally speaking, RFID tags can be divided into LF RFID tags, HF RFID tags and UHF RFID tags, but the scenarios with huge consumption of these tags almost all use UHF RFID tags, so the following will introduce the common applications of UHF RFID. with tag form.

(1) Shoes and apparel retail industry-coated paper RFID tag tag/woven label

Among the many application scenarios of RFID, the most common is the footwear and apparel industry, which is also one of the areas with the largest consumption of UHF RFID tags.

The introduction of RFID in the footwear and apparel industry is a whole process, from factories to warehouses to retail terminals. It can automatically collect the data of each operation link such as arrival inspection, warehousing, warehousing, allocation, warehouse shifting, inventory counting, etc. of the clothing warehouse, so as to ensure the speed and accuracy of data input in each link of warehouse management, and ensure that the enterprise Timely and accurate grasp of the real data of inventory, reasonable maintenance and control of enterprise inventory.

As far as the footwear and apparel retail market is concerned, the popularity of UHF RFID tags by foreign brands is much higher than that of domestic brands. This is mainly because foreign brand stores are all over the world, and fashionable FMCGs have high requirements on the liquidity of goods. The use of RFID tags can greatly improve the efficiency of product circulation management.

(2) RFID ceramic electronic tags

Ceramic electronic tags are electronic tags encapsulated based on ceramic materials, with high electrical characteristics and high performance resistance, fragile and anti-transfer. The electronic tag antenna installed on the ceramic substrate has small dielectric loss, good high-level characteristics, stable antenna performance and high sensitivity. It is mostly used in logistics warehousing, intelligent parking, production line management, anti-counterfeiting detection and other fields.

(3)ABS RFID tag

ABS labels are common injection-molded labels that are often used in logistics management scenarios. It can be installed on the surface of metal, wall, wood products and plastic products. Due to the strong protective function of the surface layer, it is resistant to high temperature and moisture and is suitable for harsh working environments.

(4) Garment Washing - Silicone RFID Tag

Silicone labels use silicone packaging technology and are mostly used in the washing industry. Because silicone is soft and deformable, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and rubbing resistance, it is often used for inventory management of towels and clothing products.

(5) Cable Tie RFID Tag

Cable tie labels are generally packaged with PP+ nylon materials, which have excellent characteristics such as easy installation and disassembly, waterproof, and high temperature resistance. They are often used in logistics tracking, food traceability, asset management and other fields.

(6) RFID Epoxy PVC Card Tag

The card made of PVC material can be customized according to the shape, so that the card has the appearance and texture of handicrafts, and it can effectively protect the internal chip and antenna, which is convenient to carry. It can be used for access control, item identification management, game chips and other scenarios.

(7)PET RFID tag

PET is the abbreviation of polyester film, and polyester film is a kind of polymer plastic film, which is more and more favored by consumers because of its excellent comprehensive performance. It can block ultraviolet rays, has good high and low temperature resistance, and has good creep resistance. Since my country's production volume and technical level still cannot meet the needs of the market, and some still need to rely on imports, PET labels are often used in jewelry management scenarios.

(8)PPS RFID laundry tag

PPS laundry tag is a common type of RFID tag in the linen washing industry. It is similar in shape and size to buttons and has strong temperature resistance. Washing management becomes more efficient and transparent by using PPS laundry labels.

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