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Is The Fitness Bracelet The Same As The RFID Bracelet?

Sharon www.nfctagfactory.com 2019-06-28 17:18:15
Many people ask if smart bracelet is the same as fitness bracelet and RFID bracelet. In fact, smart bracelet include fitness bracelet and RFID bracelet. Fitness band is definitely related to fitness, generally used in sports and fitness.

Fitness bracelet is different from RFID bracelet in the following points:
1. Can detect how many steps are taken each day and how many calories are consumed, seeing your own change, self-discipline makes you healthier. Exercise heat expenditure analysis and recommendations.
2. Can analyze your sleep data.
3. Can analyze your own health status, For example, long time does not move, heart rate beats abnormally, real-time dynamic heart rate is best.
4. Save electricity, one charge will last at least a week.
5. Bluetooth data transmission; Data sharing to facebook, twitter, etc.
6. Can be used as an alarm clock reminder.

Fitness bracelet image:
fitness bracelet

RFID bracelet mainly has the following functions:
1. Identification
2. Information storage
3. Access control
4. Cashless payment
5. Event management
6. Social media marketing program

Features: No need to charge, easy to carry, waterproof, resistant to high temperature and moisture, can be used as a bracelet decoration, etc.

RFID bracelet image:
rfid bracelet