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FAQs Of Faraday Bag For Car Keys

Sharon www.nfctagfactory.com 2019-07-19 18:50:36
What is a Faraday Bag?
It is a structure that blocks the passage of radio signals.

What is a Faraday Cage made of?
The faraday bag is made of high quality carbon fiber, carbon fiber, PU leather and genuine leather, etc.

How does a Faraday Bag work?
Thieves steal the code from the remote key by broadcasting a radio signal to it, then capture and decrypt the frequency and pair it with the car's locking system to unlock the car. By insert your car key into Signal Blocker then close the flap, the key's frequency is 100% isolated and undetectable by thieves, promoting car security at the same time protect privacy.

How to use Faraday Bag for keys correctly?
Step 1 - Put your keyless entry keyfob inside the rear gold cage
Step 2 - Closed the flap on the pouch. The key must be fully enclosed all sides

Why do you need the Faraday Cage?
Some devices can work over tens of metres, making it is easy for a (technical) crook to gain information about your devices without you knowing. Keyfobs and small electronics should remain shielded inside the faraday bag when not in use.

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