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With mutual benefit and win-win results to deepen the cooperation with colleges

2016.06.20, Mr wujun-the chairman of Shenzhen CXJ group and Mr jiang honghui-the President of Shenzhen electronic commerce chamber get a great success of Suizhou investigation trip. 

Got the university-enterprise cooperation with Suizhou vocational and technical college, under the framework of open "e-commerce + English special course" talents training model, not only promoting the development of Suizhou cross border e-commerce, also strengthened the operation mechanism of university-enterprise cooperation, and has some innovation in university-enterprise cooperation mode, for higher vocational colleges to deepen reform of education teaching has certain enlightening significance, combining resources between colleges and enterprise,special "customize" the talented person, to maximize the realization of complementary advantages, saving the cost for the education and enterprise, it is a "win-win" mode, also the exploration process forward a big step again in university-enterprise cooperation for both side.