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Why the hotel use a electronic hotel key card instead of a key

Chuangxinjia www.nfcfactory.com 2017-07-06 18:56:00
electronic hotel key card

Mainly from the following aspects to explain:
1. Cost. As a enterprise, cost control regardless of size. The cost is not limited to the mechanical key and the electronic hotel key card itself, and once the mechanical key is lost, the room door lock must be replaced. For guests, the price to be compensated is too high; for the hotel, change the lock is also a very troublesome thing.

2. Security. Security is the top priority of the hotel. In a hotel, all kinds of different groups of customers will be received. Security issues have always been the focus of the hotel work. Once the mechanical key is lost, from the customer's property security point of view, the hotel must give guests a room. Until the room door lock replacement, this room can continue to be used to receive. But now the electronic room card, guests only need to inform the front desk room key card is lost, the front desk only need to re-do a door card, all the previous door cards have been invalidated, do not worry about if someone picked up.

3. Hotel management. With the electronic door card, the hotel can take the initiative to control the room. Even if the guests did not return the room card to the front desk, does not affect the next guest's stay. Or guests because of the deposit is not enough but need to continue to stay, the hotel can not receive the money, can also cancel the room by the system so that guests have to come back to pay a deposit.

4. In addition, the mechanical key is unable to read any data. But all room card can read what time, which room opened the door through the system, or any one door lock, at what time, opened by which door card. This is a mechanical key that can not be done.