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US Ski Team Jacket Built-in NFC Label to Enhance Customer Interaction Experience

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-03-22 18:48:49
In the past few months, the US Ski Team (USST) jacket made by Spyder Active Sports brand start using NFC technology to provide customers with jackets, ski teams and local ski resort related information. At present, the system is in the experimental stage, each jacket is built with an NFC label. Consumers can use the NFC smartphone and tablet to read the tag information in the store. Through the Youtube, Twitter and other social media to interact and learn about related information.

US ski team jacket built-in NFC label

Spyder is a ski and functional apparel and accessories brand operated by Global Brands Group, which has been sponsored by the US ski team for 27 years. Julia Hansen, president and chief executive officer of Spyder Active Sports said: since the launch of the first ski sweater in 1978, Spyder has always been committed to providing technical innovation and fashion apparel.

Hansen said: We have been looking for Spyder's unique consumer experience. Few clothing brands will provide customers with interactive technical channels. Our consumers are an extension of the brand, and their interaction with us is a very valuable experience for us.

Recently, the company decided to start testing a NFC technology in a small series of products, and plans to expand the use of the technology. Hansen said: The NFC technology used in the US ski team jacket clothing, which will help us test how to apply the technology to other types of clothing.

Corey Wilson, vice president of global operations at Smartrac said: The solution used the Smartrac Dura NFC tag, and Smartrac's Smart Cosmos platform and CX software. At the same time we reached a cooperative relationship with mobile marketing program company Blue Bite. The sers can interact with NFC tag without application, only need a built-in NFC chip flat or smartphone.

When the user uses the NFC phone brush label, the reader will jump to the Spyder page when it reads the label unique ID number. On this page, the user can read the information of USST and its members and obtain information about the ski resort near that location. After purchasing a jacket, the consumer can read the label, register on the jump site. At the same time, consumers can also check the purchase history.

Spyder can use Smartrac's Smart Cosmos software and Blue Bite software to update the page, them share new content for consumers, jacket wearer and their friends.

Smartrac has also developed a range of washable and wearable labels, can be embedded in a variety of products. "Our Dura NFC products can meet a wide range of stringent washing and abrasion requirements," he said.

The series of clothing is launched this year in the skiing World Cup. Hanson said: "the technology will have many possible effects on our brand. We believe that there will be further use of NFC technology in the products in the future."

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