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The Role of NFC Play in The Access Control System

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-03-20 11:02:54
With NFC technology, smart phones can almost "touch" everything, which will bring mobile internet - based mobile internet with the real world more three-dimensional docking, and open more commercial tipping point. NFC (Near Field Communication, short-range wireless communication technology) make the distance get closer, you are out if you now do not know NFC!

Previously when it comes to NFC function in the phone, most people are confused, because there is no use of the environment, it may be regarded as the most tedious function of mobile phones, it can only be used as mobile phone manufacturers' slogan. Inthe past two years, NFC is said to be shine, and be used in people's daily life, like the access control, public transport, mobile payment and other fields completely changed people's way of life.

NFC access control system

Security industry and NFC contact are the most closely related to the number of access control system. At present, NFC technology and access control system integration, mainly focus on hardware and software. Hardware, through the upgrade access control system to identify the front-end (card reader), access control in the head / lock need NFC chip(NFC cards / NFC sticker), when it senses the NFC phone, NFC chip will release a password to the front of the access control system card, then control the electronic motor, so that the electronic motor will open or close the door. And the software, you should also consider taking full advantage of the characteristics of NFC handheld devices, NFC access control instructions should be written into the phone to achieve access to air traffic authorization, Mobile phone dial-up door, appointment visit, access control information, mobile phone disarming and other functions. Based NFC access control system, its advantage is that
cardholders to carry more convenient, more secure information, and NFC technology through the mobile APP, to achieve more personalized features.

In addition to the use of access control products, NFC is also used in a number of specific areas, such as police, security personnel patrol mission, but also through the NFC technology patrol. Through the NFC technology, patrol personnel can hold the NFC device in the corresponding sensing area brush, the background will show this data, so you can achieve the purpose of recording inspection time and track.

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