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RFID Technology Application Frontier: Shared Bike Electronic Fence Enabled

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-07-28 10:16:46

July 3th, the sharing bicycle public electronic fence project is launched in chaoyang sanlitun district.

The public electronic fence is compatible with different enterprises sharing bicycle parking and monitoring through bluetooth or electronic tag technology. The parking of the fence one meter outside is not included.

Next month, Chaoyang 20 public electronic fence will be launched.


On July 3, in the middle road of happiness village in chaoyang district, Beijing, you can see there are four small silver squares in the Shared bike parking area divided by white lines. Through the sensor device on the ground, you can receive the shared bicycle parking information.

These small cubes are the sensing device, through the Bluetooth sensor, to get the shared bicycle parking information.

Monitoring the bicycle parking public electronic fence within 50 meters is different from the shared bicycle electronic fence set up by the bicycle company, which can be compatible with all kinds of Shared bicycles currently listed.

Some of the shared bikes parked in public electronic fence have been fitted with RFID tags. When the shared bicycle user puts the vehicle in the public electronic fence, the operator's system can clearly record the number of shared bicycles in and out of the public electronic fence.

The accuracy of the sensor in the public electronic fence is higher, with an accuracy range of up to 1 meter. In densely populated areas of urban buildings, sensor devices can sense vehicle information more accurately. In addition, all shared bicycles equipped with RFID device can be synchronized in the system background as long as they are within 50 meters of the fence.

It is reported that, in addition to reporting overall management to government departments, the public electronic fence data platform also provide regional vehicle operating data to shared bicycle companies. This makes it more convenient for the sharing cycle operators to know the total number of bikes and the situation in this area, so as to avoid the occurrence of a large number of bicycle pooling.

In addition, there will be 20 public electronic fence lands in August. Including sanlitun taiguri, wto three, tuanghu subway station and other surrounding areas, will give priority to the sharing of bicycle parking area of high demand.