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Application of absorbent material in RFID tags

2017-07-26 10:20:27
China's RFID industry after more than 10 years of development, and now technology has been more mature. Especially in the past two years, in the context of the state's positive encouragement and vigorous promotion of the healthy development of the industry, with the continuous promotion of various factors on the Internet of Things, it has maintained a steady upward trend of development.

At present the international common frequency is 13.56MHz. The 13.56MHz high-frequency RFID technology with stable performance and reasonable price. Its reading distance range and the actual application of the distance range match. Therefore, it is widely used in bus card and mobile payment, especially in South Korea, Japan and other places.

RFID tags are often used in metal environments. When the RFID tag is close to metal, the metal has a strong reflectivity to the electromagnetic wave, so the signal is weakened and the reading distance becomes closer. Serious interference can result in the phenomenon of card failure. The current general solution is to paste a layer of magnetic absorbing material on the back of the electronic tag.

The absorbing material has many applications in electronic device noise reduction, absorbing wave and EMC. High frequency rfid anti-metal tags are usually absorbent materials.

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High frequency rfid anti-metal tags