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RFID tags expand into clothes, socks and even school management

2018-05-04 17:44:18
RFID technology uses radio waves to automatically determine the identity. For example, an RFID chip can associate a particular serial number with a particular person or item.Then it will transmit information about the movement of the person or item to which it is attached by electromagnetic waves. RFID was used for the first time in the 1970s, andas production costs fell, RFID became more common.

RFID chips are used to track parcels and people's information. They are even used to monitor the traces of livestock. They rely on RFID technology to realize the IoT technologyof intelligent management of logistics information systems. With the advent of the era of big data, they have also developed. It is in full swing.

RFID tags on clothes

At present, many clothes companies are using RFID technology, some of them add RFID tags on clothes, tracking the number of consumers fit the clothes in the store, get consumer data; some add an RFID tag on the socks, can be traced their exact location, whether the other sock is hidden in the drawer of the dresser or under the bed, can be found even if the two socks are matched incorrectly.

Socks equipped with RFID tags that sends the signal via bluetooth to the app of smartphone. The users can find the exact location of the sock by using this app. This application also allows them to know key information such as whether socks have been washed and how long they have been washed.

The two schools in San Antonio, Texas used similar technologies, they use RFID technology to track student activity on campus, ensuring accurate numbers to protect student safe, and also letting the school know when students skipping class.