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Five Tips Teach You To Choose RFID Tags Correctly

2018-05-10 17:53:48
With the continuous improvement of RFID technology standards over the past few years, the selection of RFID tags has become more and more simple and clear. Experts listed 5considerations on how to plan and execute RFID tags to ensure that the entire RFID tagging process can be maintained on the track of traceability.

In recent years, RFID system applications have been considered as one of the technologies that change the way of human consumption, such as bus cards and ETC cards, etc. However, how to choose an RFID tagged product is not only one of the first steps in the development of RFID technology, but also a key stage in the entire development process.

Select products to use RFID tags. Nowadays, many commodities such as denim, cosmetics, shipping boxes, shoes, medicines, etc. are already widely used RFID tags. Some organizations, such as the arc-rfid laboratory at auban university in the United States, have issued the RFID embedded and global GS1 TIPP classification certification. The TACTA of EECC has greatly improved the testing and certification of RFID tags in different application fields. Such as, retailers and apparel manufacturers, are now able to buy the M-class labels that are certified for service and footwear.

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Second, where the goods will be tracked. In the selection of RFID labels, environmental conditions should be taken into account, such as density, metal content, liquid or glass,etc. RFID is now common in retail stores, factories and distribution centers. In addition, it is necessary to consider the degree of the product packaging and the expected rangeof reading.

Tag and encoding process. Many chip manufacturers, such as Impinj, NXP and Alien, etc, have improved the read-write sensitivity of the chips, as well as increased capacity. Chipselection, optimized antenna design, and system-level testing will ensure that a variety of label designs comply with the rules can be applied to different applications.

In the field of commodity applications, such as retail and consumer goods, Item-Level Tracking has become an automated process in the source manufacturing process ordistribution center. Similarly, it would be wise to use the same approach to deal with tag encoding to facilitate centralized management and quality assurance.

The cost of the tag. The price range of RFID tags can range from 10 cents to more than 60 US dollars and the spread is quite large. In general, a large number of goods deployedin the retail industry have pulled the price of passive RFID tags down to just a few cents. On the contrary, special labels and active labels applied to rough-surfaced productsprovide special functional properties for additional designs and are more expensive.

Getting Started with RFID Tag Preparation. As part of the overall RFID solution, the selection of labels must meet the requirements of different businesses. Once the industryunderstands what content or product should be targeted and where it should be tracked, the selection of appropriate labels can be quickly reduced to a smaller range. Forexample, the style of RFID tags is an extremely critical element for the entire fast fashion, because the appearance and touch of the labels of certain brands have also becomeone of the characteristics of the brand's products.

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