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RFID pallet tags to solve the warehouse inventory management

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-09-12 11:21:29

The rapid development of Internet of things makes RFID different attempts in many areas and helps RFID intelligent management continue to expand the "layout."

RFID features keywords: fast, batch, identification, these are to reduce the intensity of work and improve efficiency. RFID applications are also about to solve these aspects,such as Hailan home fast inventory, express delivery industry rapid sorting, and the out-put and in-put of warehouse and inventory that we have to talk about today.

The use of the warehouse, will be involved with a large number of goods inbound and outbound, inventory and other issues, so the application of RFID in the warehouse is thefirst batch. Although some small and low throughput warehouse can use labour to achieve the inbound and outbound operation, when the goods with more types, largerquantity, and more batches, there may be a great mistake; want no error, a lot of manpower and time will be spent, low efficiency, and correct rate can not guarantee a 100% either.

At the same time, if installing RFID tags for incoming and outgoing goods and RFID reader in exitand entrance, multi-batch incoming and outgoing goods can be read in one time, which greatly improve the work efficiency and accuracy. While the software platform can synchronize data in real time, and achieve a quick inventory of stock. At the same time, warehouse achieved a smart fast out-put and in-put and inventory.

The"RFID warehouse out-put and in-put and inventory" system designed by Chuangxinjia, through the rapid identification of the RFID tags above the pallet(RFID pallet tags), canquickly count the exact quantity of goods out-put and in-put, data acquisition fast, accurate, and no error. It can greatly reduce the data processing and query statistics of out-put and in-put, inventory, transfer warehouse.

RFID reader can achieve multi-angle, multi-tag, long-range rapid identification; visual information platform for real-time control of the storage and inventory is very convenient.
RFID Pallet-Tags