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RFID industry need to deal with the five major problems

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-07-25 11:22:23
With the rapid rise of RFID industry, RFID technology has been widely used in logistics, transportation, defense, military and other fields, industrial development getting better. According to the prospective industry research institute statistics, from 1943 to the beginning of 2015, the global cumulative sales of passive RFID tags with coded numbers is about 34 billion.

RFID technology is a contactless type of automatic identification technology, the main principle is to use wireless electromagnetic signal transmission characteristics and spatial coupling (including electromagnetic or inductive coupling) principle, to complete the automatic identification process for the target object.

As technology and market are more mature, RFID technology can be widely used, and under the vigorous development of RFID industry, its application value is more fully reflected. It is expected that by 2025, China's RFID application market value will reach 4.3 billion dollars.

However, if we want to achieve the objectives above, we need to overcome the problem from the technology, marketing, talent, policy, standard these five problems.

Firstly, in terms of technology, RFID in some special areas are still helpless, such as metal (reflection), liquid (attenuation), the technical barriers are obvious. In addition, RFID still can not effectively read the overlapping tags, the speed will decline then read number of labels.

Second, for the market, the main problems are  small market, high overall cost, security risks, weak user information base, excessive market competition and other issues. As a result, a lot of capital and business take a wait-and-see attitude toward RFID's  investment, and it can not further expand the market size.

Third, in terms of talent, RFID practitioners  are small, a serious lack of sophisticated talent, there is a big gap compared with the developed countries. In the future, we need to increase the practitioners, only a large enough base can cultivate more sophisticated talent.

Fourth, in terms of policy, to solve these problems above, the most important is to  introduce national conditions in line with the RFID industry planning and related policies. Only to make the top design, RFID industry can embark on a healthy and sustainable development path.

Fifth, in terms of standards, at this stage has not yet formed a unified international standards. Using different standards, it will inevitably be transmitted to the hardware equipment, software systems and other fields, this makes circulation difficult, China need to play our own advantages, accelerate the progress of standard development.

In general, aiming to these five aspects of the problem, we need to keep up with international standards and technology development, speed up the development and promotion of industry standards, increase the national standard to promote the application. At the same time, we need to establish a key demonstration project, guide, demonstrate and lead the application of RFID.

The relevant government departments should also introduce support policies as soon as possible, increase support, so as to promote China's RFID industry prosperity and development. Through the promote of government and enterprises, RFID industry's prospects can be expected.