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RFID electronic tag has 6 advantage compared with traditional barcode

2017-08-02 17:02:01
In recent years, science and technology has been developing rapidly, RFID tags build intelligent life. Make a qualitative change in life and work with unique advantages. RFID tagsplay an important role in a variety of industries, and a large number of applications in the library, alcohol, luxury, aquaculture industry, high-end clothing, passports andall kinds of documents and other areas.

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RFID technology can quickly identify at a long distance, and read, it's accurate. It has a large storage capacity. This not only greatly meet the various enterprises to improvethe goods, improve the efficiency of information management. But also allows dealers and manufacturers to quickly exchange information, timely reception and responseinformation. Although the traditional bar code cost is low, multiple tags cannot be identified, information capacity is small, security is not strong and other shortcomings.

The traditional bar code has some limitations, the safety is not high, the paper carrier is easy to damage, storage capacity is small. Compared to the traditional bar code, RFIDtags have the following six major advantages:

1. Fast scan communication and no barrier reading

2. The memory capacity of the data is large
The maximum capacity of RFID tags is MegaBytes. In the future, the amount of information that the objects need to carry is constantly increasing, and the development of memory carrier data capacity based on the corresponding demand of the market is also expanding, currently it is in a stable upward trend.

3. Anti-pollution capability and durability
RFID tags are highly resistant to water, oil and chemicals. In addition, RFID tags store data in the chip, thus effectively avoiding damage and causing data loss.

4. Reusable
RFID electronic tags have the function of repeatedly adding, modifying and deleting the stored data in the RFID roll label to facilitate the replacement and updating ofinformation.

5. Small size and diverse shapes
RFID electronic tags are not limited by shape or size, so there is no need to match the fixed and printed quality of the paper for accuracy. In addition, RFID tags are alsobeing miniaturized and diversified to suit more different products.

6. Safety
RFID tags carry electronic information, the data content is protected by password. Very safe. The content is not easy to be forged and altered, stealing and so on.

RFID electronic tags are widely used in various industries with unique advantages. Many merchants are looking for strong strength, price favorable, quality and service are guaranteed professional RFID tag manufacturer to cooperate.

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