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Will the PVC smart chip card change color?

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2022-10-27 15:05:58

The production of PVC membership card can be divided into ordinary type and high-end type. If you want to make a high-end type of membership card, it is mainly reflected in the design, such as exquisite, excellent, creative, etc., which has laid a certain foundation for the grade of the membership card. The second is to add special craftsmanship, because different craftsmanship reflects different textures.

PVC membership cards are commonly used by us, and pvc is also a common material for making membership cards. When making a PVC membership card, we will see that there are many colors on the card, so some merchants will ask, will the color of the PVC membership card fade after a long time?

Regarding the question of whether the printed pvc membership card will fade after a long time, our technical staff explained: First of all, everyone should know that the content on the membership card is printed in various colors, of course there are colors. Fading will occur (unless it is white or black). It is impossible for the global card industry to guarantee that PVC membership cards will not fade. In fact, membership cards tend to fade more or less over time. Ways to prevent membership cards from fading.

Why don't white and black membership cards fade?

First of all, because white is the material color of our membership card, since the material is this color, it will not fade. Also, white itself can be considered colorless, so why does it fade? ?

Secondly, the black color is more domineering, and the membership card made of this color will not fade, just like the black leather shoes everyone wears, the black leather shoes will not fade.

If you want to prevent the pvc membership card from fading, here Chuangxinjia card factory recommends that you add a layer of film on both sides when making the pvc membership card. Adding a layer of protective film can not only prevent fading, but also prevent the card surface from being scratched. Another way is to make a membership card with a frosted surface. The frosted surface is a non-smooth surface, and the card with the frosted surface can also effectively prevent the card surface from fading and scratching.

If you want to customize PVC smart card, you can contact us: info@nfctagfactory.com. Come and order now!