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Do you know the degaussing of PVC magnetic stripe membership card?

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2022-10-20 17:11:40

At present, there are many types of membership cards, including barcode membership cards, magnetic strip membership cards, IC membership cards, etc. Among them, PVC magnetic strip cards are still the most popular. Therefore, it is cheap, widely used and very popular with merchants. However, one disadvantage of magnetic stripe loyalty cards is that they are easily demagnetized. Let me explain to you under what circumstances will the magnetic stripe membership card be demagnetized?

1. Put the PVC magnetic stripe card near a magnet or household appliances with strong magnetic field effect, so that the magnetic medium in the card will fail due to the effect of the magnetic field.

2. The position of the PVC magnetic stripe card in the wallet or wallet is too close to the magnetic buckle, and the magnetic medium on the card is demagnetized and damaged. Due to careless storage or use, the magnetic stripe card is affected by external force, and the magnetic stripe information on the card is lost. Such as being pressed, folded, scratched, dirty, etc. Inadvertently placing two magnetic cards back to back, the magnetic media will be damaged by friction and collision with each other.

3. Improper operation of the cashier of the special merchant and the failure of the POS reading head will also cause the card reading failure. The causes of magnetic writing errors include improper debugging of the magnetic writing equipment, incomplete erasing of the original magnetic stripe information when rewriting the magnetic field, and improper handling of the magnetic card during transportation and storage, resulting in magnetic writing errors. It is worth mentioning that some punching equipment produced by other manufacturers or punching equipment produced by individual manufacturers may also cause different degrees of magnetic writing when writing to cards of different thicknesses without adjustment. mistake.


4. Another reason for the failure of magnetic reading is the poor maintenance of the terminal read head. This problem is easy to solve, and the issuer only needs to use a simple terminal cleaner. This cleaner comes with a card cleaner that occasionally moves around the terminal to remove lint and dust from the surface. Proper maintenance of the terminal magnetic head can improve the terminal card reading ability and reduce the card reading error rate by 30%.

PVC magnetic strip membership card is easy to degauss, so in this case, we generally tell customers to keep the magnetic strip membership card properly when issuing the card, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in future use.

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