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Chuangxinjia Work Start Meeting Of 2016

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2016-03-03 18:26:52
Chuangxinjia Work Start Meeting of 2016”starting on Feb 26,2016 evening 6PM,all CXJ staff join the meeting in the big conference room on 12F,with the voice of host Ms.Yuanqingqing and Mr.Wujie,the meeting kicked off.

The president Mr.Wujun deliver an important speech at the meeting,make a series of plans for the development of company in 2016,The first is make the meeting with every sales department,analysis of the product positioning,to strengthen the training of the product,to ensure that every staff can be familiar with the product,2016 will enter to  a state of a comprehensive study,let everybody to product knowledge and background operation skill has a qualitative improvement,strengthen the investment platform,looking for more channels for all sales,also hope you to take advantage of the company’s existing platform,play a useful,the big project department of company will be full support you always,to be the most solid backing of all you guys,strengthen assessment mechanism all results oriented,hope everyone can do it best,completes the labor of duty,can work in a limited period of time to play the best working efficiency,company’s rewards and punishment system also will be more clear,respect and reward the champion,with continuous rankings at the end of result list,company will weed you out directly,and the important is do the safety precautions for marketing department and factory,safety is the foundation of
development,strengthen management,attaches great importance to the job.

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2016 is going to be a more difficult year,but as long as all of us make concerted effort together with the company,try to use your sales potential,put your heart and soul into,your struggle is not only for the company,also for yourself,for your family as well,after the successful,for sure you will say thanks to yourself,that yesterday who has the nerviness and tough enough.

Ministry of law department vice general manager Mr.Tang summary the plan of 2016,protecting company to sign the contract,specification the contract of sale,complete the legal document,make the trademark registration for the company LOGO,maintenance the economic contract of company,risk reduction,convoy escort for company.

The finance department manager Ms.Wang do the plan for 2016,the financial position architecture will comb again,a clear division of labor,to the person with the professional processing professional,to optimize the workflow,in order to give the better service for marketing department,rearrange the quotation scheme,to help people to inquiry into the order.Administration department manager Mr.Wang do the plan for 2016,to report the work of our department,let people more comprehensive understanding of the administrative work and hope you can give your support,also we will try our best to create a good working environment for everyone.Marketing department representative Li Chuang;“Live in the moment,do your best performance”,it is coming from our performance male god,in his work experience gave everyone a work and performance plan in 2016,make a performance target of this year,and divided the target into each month,from the feet on the ground every month,efforts to achieve the objectives,away from the goal is not far away;diligent,he always be the first person come to the office in the morning,and in the evening also he always be the last one leave,i hope everyone can learn his earnestly work attitude,to do the foreign trade is by the precipitation of time and accumulation,cherish your time,our working time is 8 hours for a day only,to put every minute enrichment,take advantage of this is the youth,make a good spell,incessant learning,expect professional knowledge,we need to learn more knowledge about morality,self control,mental philosophy etc,increase your own aspect of knowledge,also you will make it applied into your work,communication and life,truth people all knows,practice is the most important thing,hope everybody can do your job some like your own business.

RFID representative manager Ms.Zhu summary,i will report the job of RFID company and factory with all of you,the mainest is about the “Apple Pay”,it is very hot in recent,i will propaganda to everyone for the development prospects and a large applications of Apple Pay,it appeared to detonate market,maybe after will coming Huawei Pay,Mi Pay,Samsung Pay etc,the prospect of this pay tag is immeasurable,we have a strong factory support backing,should be ready to solution,after waiting for it to enter the Chinese market,we can seize the initiative,whatever which product,all we should develop acute tentacles,so the big order will meet us by chance,we must be familiar with the product,be better respond to the customer,we got 12 invention patents in 2015,there is no doubt that we have one more solid backing,in this good company,what are we still thinking?Let’s hand by hand running forward together!