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Chuangxinjia Summary and Commendation congress of April and May

Opening Show: Ukelele play
In this family everyone is versatility, and the meeting start by the opening show ukelele play , also hope that everyone on the job can be "more efforts and more lucky"
The nice melody to wash to the exhaustion of a day for everyone, let everyone feel like a spring breeze. 

Militarization Style Show
The summary of sales department
The new host CP of this month Mr.Liu jun  &  Ms.Yuan qingqing
Once xiaoqian and caichen bring the different style chair of the meeting.

The awards link: Team, Individual Championship, Morning Meeting Championship, Morning Meeting Star.
"No Pains,No Gains", everyone are full of harvest on the commendation congress, bonus, honor, flower...
Morning Meeting Star: Li haiyan and Yuan qingqing from the steel roses team,
Morning Meeting Championship team: The steel roses team and
The Team Performance Championship of April and May: The steel roses team and Soar team,
The Individual Performance Championship of April and May: Lily Xu and Amy Long,
Congratulations to the above awards of the person and team, all of you is our learning model.
The top five performance of April and May: Channinglee, Amy Long, Jia youda, Yuan qingqing, Channinglee, Guo yan, Wu jian, Li jing.
Although they didn't get individual championship, but i believe this day is coming soon, because they are always in the way of hardworking.
"As a career to do your work" this is the purpose of the salesman in CXJ, If you input more passion and diligence, you will get more benefits, as long as you can insist and subside down, believe that the next champion is you. 

Summary Link:
This the last link of the meeting, now the general manager Mr.Zhang and Chairman Wu will summaries the job of April and May for us, the company operating condition and internal adjustment and integration the decision has been implemented, the plan of the second half year has been formulated, hope everyone can be follow in the footsteps of the company, achieve goals together, struggle for our business.