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Want to Know the Principle of Induction RFID key fob? Click Here!

  • Author:Chuangxinjia
  • Source:www.nfctagfactory.com
  • Release on:2016-06-13
The housing of RFID key fob is made of high temperature corrosion resistant material pressure PVC or ABS by refined mould, and inside RFID part filled with epoxy to protect the RFID chip. The keyfob's front and back housing are pressed into finished keyfob by supersonic.

Chuangxinjia RFID key fob

Basic definition of access control RFID key fob: The original smart access control system consists of a host, a card reader and an electric lock (adding a computer and a communication converter when networking), and the card reader is a non-contact card reading method. The card holder only has to put the card in the vicinity of the card reader (5-15 cm) quickly and quietly once, the card reader can sense that there is a card and the information (card number) in the card will be welcomed to the host, and the host will review the illegality of the card, And then the decision is to close the door action.

Basic definition of access control RFID key fob

The principle of access control RFID key fob: Because there is a chip called RFID inside, when we pass the card reader with the card containing the RFID chip, the electromagnetic waves emitted by the card reader will start to read the information in the card. The information inside can not only be read but also written and modified, so the chip card is not only a key but also an electronic ID card. Because you only need to write your personal data in the chip. You can know who is going in and out from the card reader.

RFID key fob

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