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2017 March-April Monthly Commendation And Startup Conference - CXJ's Supplier

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-05-12 17:19:46
The breezy air ushered in ChuangxinjiaMarch-April summary and startup conference, the conference is doomed to be unusual, the chairman Wujun made an important speech at the meeting about the successful transition and follow-up development of the company.

Chuangxinjia started in 2007, during the early periods, the company was only a small PVC card manufacturing factory, throuh years of effort, in 2012, RFID tag high-tech Co.,Ltd was founded, and set up RFID Benchmarking Enterprise, became the state-level high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise and IOT young enterprise, etc. In the backside of the reputation, it is the staff’s unremitting hard work and the tough struggle.

The company started formally in 2017, successfully made a solid step towards the listing. The company will integrate the optimize the existing resources from May, expand the office space, make further improvement in department system and function, laying a solid foundation for the future listing. Introduce high-end manufacturing machine and IOT RFID high-tech talents, set up R&D and improve the structure of project department to pave the way for the market.

The conference is an important milestone to the development of Chuangxinjia, all employees will be united and struggle to gain more success under the guidance of the company leaders, they firmly believe that they will be the next miracle!

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