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Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Technology Co., Ltd. December Summary and Commendation Conference

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2016-01-22 16:43:08
2015, a special year. In this year, what we have lost, what we have harvested, all of these are worth to think about and need us to put into practice to do something; In the comming year of 2016, we must to breakaway, breakthrough, and look forward to a continued and exciting future together!

The Chuangxinjia Technology Co., LTD., Summary and Commendation Congress have started at 6:00PM on January 15, 2016. In the opening dance with cheering, the meeting have been opened. Now, let us to tally up who have got big bonuses in this year!

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First issued Morning Meeting Star of December: Congratulations to Chen Fangqun from Sunshine Team and Qing Furong from Dream Team! They are win with beautiful dancing. From choose theme, decide content, rehearsals, performances and games, 30mins morning meeting reflects Chuangxinjia family’s wisdom, teamwork and passion. Let’s full of Passion from here! The champion is Sunshine Team and Dragon Team. They exist and struggle with team spirit, make every effort to gain the team glory. All are to win the Best Team Champion. Congratulations to Dream Team! The team’s glory is inseparable from each family’s efforts, They are dedicated for the team with persistence. Congratulations Channing Li to win the Top Sales Champion of December!

After six months of fierce competition, the PK is over. Who wins in the end? This PK competition inspired everyone’s honor and responsibility. They move for the same goal. Finally, The Rose Team leaded by Long Shuiping wins the champion with prize RMB15000. And the Dream Team leaded by Channing Li wins the second place with prize RMB10000.

Chuangxinjia alway respect champion, as long as everyone regards job as own work, the company not only to honor, but also give generous bonuses. Li Chuang gain  6 champion certificates within 2014-2015 years, reward 20000 RMB;Chai Wanjun gain 4 champion certificates in 2014 years, reward 20000 RMB; li-li xu  gain  3 champion certificates reward 10000RMB.Three best emploees are the company's old staff, with loyalty, sincerity stays with a firm footsteps!
As long as we really pay for the company, we will be able to harvest your mind, let us together to improve the quality of the individual, do your job, believe that we will become more outstanding, believe in everyone's efforts, the company will be more quickly to a new step!