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GreatCreativity's November Job Appraisal Meeting

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2015-12-28 14:57:32
It has held the appraisal meeting of GreatCreativity's November work on December 9th , 2015. The pretty girls from GreatCreativity show dirty hot dance, to bring a little warmth of hot cold winter. The conference formally began at the opening  of the host with a humors way.

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Once a month of military links to our morale. Brought by nine team military demonstration, spirit, military standards, loud slogans, let the audience have a boiling passion; Next, all staff sing the national anthem, and read the collective enterprise culture.

Director Wu summarized the first half year of the work situation and made important instructions for in the second half of the group made important instructions. Department representative works the profound ideas and share work.

GreatCreativity rewards and punishes clearly, rewarding generous bonus for the outstanding team. After a month without eradication in the "war", the stage by the Dream Seeker team Li Chuang individual performance champion, congratulations to him.

His perseverance and hard work is an example to be set an example for each of the wind, this stage, I hope everyone can have the chance to accept flowers and applause; With teamcooperation pushing forward company. He made every effort to treat each partner's orders from the way to reply inquiries, receipt the customers, and ship the
products. just for the team to win glory for November work . The Team performance ranks number one led by Long Shuiping Iron Roses team, congratulations to them.

There is competition,there is power. GreatCreativity better rectified of PK is drawing near to an end. the Iron Roses team got the champion, Dream Seeker team ranked the second and the  ; The worth of praising team is the SPL team, chop jing spines, break through, even failed to rank among the top three, but their progress was also expected.

With the continuous growth of the company, the work in an orderly manner. Therefore, let’s be banded together like stands of strip, to forward the same goal, striving for the early realization of the dream!