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CXJ RFID Supplier Mr.Wu President Share Successful Experiences

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2014-09-30 17:04:49
Transformation of traditional manufacturing and electrical business enterprises to upgrade

Famous people XUNZI says that learning should never cease. Learning and IQ can not be separated from each other, from the point of overall analysis view, we believe that from entrepreneur to the whole enterprises have to keep continuous learning,keep learning together, keep team learning and keep life-long learning. Especially when entrepreneur facing the era of strong competition and hero abdicates, learning each other is crucial.

Chuangxinjia RFID Manufacturer

Chairman Wu is a person who is keeping sharing with his managing experience from to.

At the beginning development of the Coporation, Chairman Wu is struggling learning the from coporattions and abstracting all the vailuable experiences to create the management system which is suitable for the company’s future developement. Before that, every night Chairman Wu bearing insomnia and faced so many difficulties,while luckly, he finally find out his way.

Today, warmly welcome Chairman Wu to share with all of us-----How is he to create his legend !

After be honored as president of shenzhen Net chamber of commerce, Wu dong's sense of mission for E-commerce prompted him be certain to devote an own effort,  build a platform of mutual support for the business owners, help small and medium-sized enterprises be rapid growt, in order to create a glorious era of E-commerce. Now Wu dong is the chairman of shenzhen electronic commerce chamber of commerce, his share is endless across the country, to share his experience forget the tiredness,he organize special training camp, to build a platform for mutual communication and mutual cooperation, he also share the idea of company management , foreign trade team management, enterprise culture and so on, In Wu dong's mind, business owners become full of hope for the future after his share, that is his biggest harvest!

Each enterprise has a kind of idea and culture. The entrepreneur make the effort for fighting forward this idea, It will be form a culture with a long period of time. The entrepreneur would be succeed focus on this spiritual supporting. In the struggling with team era, promoting its leadership of entrepreneur rapidly and management ability, casting the entrepreneurs spirit, Then can promote  enterprise growth with these ways.

Chuangxinjia RFID Manufacturer