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  • Release on2021-11-10
    Harvard Medical School (HMS) reported that since the launch of the RFID solution to manage its 4,300 assets, the college’s asset inventory time has been reduced by 75%, while at the same time it has more visibility into the location of high-value assets and ensures They can be easily found during government audits.Read More>>
  • Release on2022-05-13
    With the improvement of people's living standards and the diversified development of demands, RFID wristbands are now used in various industries, making nighttime entertainment a profitable focus for scenic spots, parks, museums, tourist towns, etc., and the nighttime economy has also become an urban revival. , a new engine of economic growth and cultural creation.Read More>>
  • Release on2022-05-12
    The application of RFID wristband tags is aimed at reducing queues and crowds at sales counters, and more importantly, tracking sales, people statistics and trends. To purchase RFID wristbands, please contact us by email: info@nfctagfactory.comRead More>>
  • Release on2022-05-10
    RFID silicone wristbands can help swimmers track data, and swimmers will soon be able to use RFID silicone wristbands to set up personal training regimes and monitor their performance in the pool.Read More>>
  • Release on2021-06-15
    Touchless Menus uses NFC & a QR code to load your menu directly to your guest's phone. No menu to touch, no menu to print, no app to download. Simply clean and sanitize, touchless menu right along with the table to keep your guest safe and healthy. Come and customize it! Contact us immediately: info@nfctagfactory.comRead More>>
  • Release on2021-04-21
    NFC function is an emerging communication technology. Compared with traditional communication methods, NFC payment is mainly used to virtualize mobile phones with NFC function into bank cards, all-in-one cards, etc., as physical cards. In terms of security, the mobile phone is mainly virtualized into access control. Card use. Proper use can help us travel more conveniently in our lives without the need to carry many cards containing information.Read More>>
  • Release on2021-04-12
    Avery Dennison Smartrac and other three companies have worked together to embed NFC smart tags into daily medical and pharmaceutical products. The purpose is not only to provide security requirements such as identity verification and data tamper-proofing, but also to provide consumers with a wide range of benefits, from convenient Re-order to quick-access instruction guides, social interactions, all of which can be done only with a smart phone with NFC function.Read More>>
  • Release on2021-01-07
    In this way, when our pets go out, they carry their exclusive, latest generation "ID card" with them. Anyone who finds a pet can use his mobile phone to read the pet’s ID card information to help the owner find the pet.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-09-01
    The emergence of RFID tool label management application has realized the high efficiency and intelligence of tool management. The special customized tool table with RFID reader and the installation of UHF passive anti-metal tags can greatly improve tool management. Accuracy and efficiency, and achieve cross-organization and cross-departmental information sharing.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-08-28
    Commonly used RFID readers are divided into fixed and handheld (also known as mobile). Fixed RFID readers, whose antennas can be either external or built-in. Compared with hand-held devices, fixed RFID readers have certain advantages in reading distance and range.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-08-19
    The Internet of Things exhibition provides a platform for people in the industry to make friends and learn. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, overseas friends cannot come to the exhibition to learn and communicate, but their suppliers are not absent from the exhibition. Thousands of products and the latest RFID technology and RFID solutions were displayed at the exhibition covering the entire industry chain. Scenario-based display, rich product display, and close-range product effect experience fully demonstrate the charm of the Internet of Things.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-07-30
    The RFID behind the intelligence relies on the high reliability and ultra-long reading range of UHF RFID, which means that it is unlikely that shoppers will be missed by passing through the gate. RFID tags are specially coded for entrance and exit devices, so they will not interfere with any tag system already used by the store, helping the store to reopen, while complying with the guidelines for maintaining social distancing.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-07-20
    When you are looking for a bicycle, open the APP, click on the pre-stored location, and Google Maps will automatically open to locate the location of the bike for you. For the accuracy of bicycle positioning, this APP also has settings. The NFC chip sticker can help you complete the positioning with the highest accuracy of 5 meters. Of course, if you choose this positioning accuracy, you probably need to wait 10 seconds for the system to respond.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-07-14
    According to the African swine fever test report, the animal quarantine certificate is issued, the source of the live pigs is clear, they are all wearing RFID ear tags, and the animal quarantine certificate is attached.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-07-13
    The use of express delivery has become a habit of people, and the accompanying express packaging waste has also experienced rapid growth, and green governance of the express delivery industry has become an important issue. With the promotion of relevant departments, the greening, reduction and recyclability of express packaging are beginning to show results, but the management of some chronic diseases still requires the establishment of a long-term mechanism.Read More>>