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Want to Know Where The IC Card Has Penetrated Into Our Lives? Click Here!

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2016-11-18 10:23:16
RFID IC card technology is widely used and promoted thanks to the three major technical advantages of IC card: good machine read and write capabilities; high-level security technology for anti-counterfeiting; large-capacity data storage. Good machine reading and writing capabilities avoid traditional complicated mechanical operations, making reading and writing operations faster, faster and more efficient. High-level security technology ensures the security of user data, effectively avoiding the possibility of user and system data being tampered with. The huge data storage makes the system user base more and the data bigger.

Chuangxinjia rfid IC card technology

In life, we need money everywhere, every day we need subway, bus, shopping, food and so on. Not everyone carries a lot of cash, so this is an era of big data, and we need to pay attention to these data together. From the initial advance payment to IC card payment, it has slowly entered the intelligent era.

IC cards are widely used and cover all aspects of our lives. What are the applications of IC card technology in our daily lives?

1. All-in-one card field: The huge data storage of IC cards can be used as all-in-one cards, such as corporate employee cards, campus cards, transportation cards, etc. The card holders can be used for dining, attendance, salary, bus, subway, etc.

2. Financial field: IC cards are used as bank credit cards, cash cards, debit cards, etc. due to their high security features.

chuangxinjia rfid IC cards

3. Communication field: our commonly used mobile phone calling card, or the previous phone IC card.

4. Identification: Our second-generation ID card, membership card for various activities.

5. Business field: some discount cards, annual cards, membership cards, etc. issued by supermarkets or shopping malls are all IC card applications. These cards can be used for identity certification and cash settlement.

6. Security field: used as an access card, non-community users are not allowed to pass without swiping the card, so that the security of the community has been well improved.

Chuangxinjia IC card technology

7. Medical field: our medical insurance card, all kinds of medical cards, etc.

In the era of intelligence, IC card payment is mainly for convenience.
Shopping is more convenient and safer, and cash transactions are completely avoided. Now it is more to centralize the functions of operators, which can be smart phones, smart bracelets, smart watches, etc., so as to realize fast payment.

The smart era requires smart payment, and the proximity IC card has been widely used. Realize the collection and sharing of various data. The wise era in which people live is not only the creator of big data, but also the beneficiary.

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